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The Future of Humankind

With Michael Horn

The Future of Humankind, hosted by Michael Horn, is truly a different kind of show. Michael’s credentials include 42 years as a science researcher, award-winning filmmaker, international and university lecturer, former SETI team member, singer-songwriter, etc. Michael is also the authorized American Media Representative for the singularly authentic Billy Meier UFO contacts and is regarded by George Noory as the "world’s leading authority on UFOs”.

Michael focuses on Meier's vast amount of independently authenticated evidence - as well the Creation-energy teaching unique to the contacts - so very relevant to these times. Michael doesn’t discuss topics such as the paranormal, unsubstantiated claims about UFOs, or unproven conspiracies. However, he’s confident Meier’s abundant, prophetically accurate scientific, environmental, and geopolitical information - now being regularly corroborated in the news - will answer the most unasked question in UFOlogy: "What’s the REASON for the UFO contacts?" And the answer, he says, is to help us assure our very threatened future survival.

  • Friday: 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM