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7th Day Of Ghost Ship Deliberations 08/13/19B 17:40 S.S.

The  12  people  on  the  jury,  for  the  Ghost  Ship  Trial  in  Oakland,   are  in  their  7th  day  of  deliberations.     Today  they  asked  for  some  of  the  testimony  to  be  read  back  to  them.   Jurors are  deliberating  the  case  against  49  year-old  Derick  Almena  and  29  year-old  Max  Harris.....both  of  whom  face  1 count  of  Involuntary  Manslaughter  each,   for  every  one  of  the  3  dozen  people  who  died  in  the  December  2nd  warehouse  fire  of  2016.   The  ‘read  back’  of  the  testimony  requested  is  likely  to  take  until  some  time  tomorrow  afternoon.   

The jury is  going  through about  3  months  of  testimony,  and more than 100 exhibits are  on the record (that they  could  potentially  examine).    

If there is a mistrial, the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office has the discretion to retry the case OR negotiate a plea deal.

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