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New METRO Buses on Highway 17 12-14-18 11:40 DC

Early next year, commuters on Highway 17 will see some new buses alongside them in traffic. The 10 used diesel-electric hybrid buses are essentially a gift to Santa Cruz METRO from their Highway 17 partner agency, VTA transit in Santa Clara County.

The buses were unveiled this morning in Scotts Valley. METRO CEO Alex Clifford said the 10 buses, plus two articulated buses included in the deal, will help METRO face the challenge of replacing about 60 buses that are near the end of their useful lives. METRO has almost 100 buses in its current fleet.

The new buses require training for drivers and mechanics before they go into service. They also need a new METRO paint job and the installation of the transit system’s fareboxes and computers. Clifford predicted that could take 60 days or more, after which the new buses go into Highway 17 Corridor service.

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