Dr. Joel Wallach Begins the show today discussing the corona virus. Asserting that there are over 72,000 cases and nearly 2000 deaths. Stating that people should use the Pure Works products to protect from the corona virus. Contending that poeple should also get the Healthy Start Pack to help support their immune systems. So their bodies will be able to fight off the corona virus.

Pearls of Wisdom

Doug Winfrey and Dr. Wallach discuss a news article regarding a study of rheumatoid arthritis. The study found after a year that people who were put on a vegan diet had a reduced amount of flare ups. People put on a gluten free diet also had less flare ups of RA symptoms. Researchers believe that a gluten free diet might also help with other rheumatic diseases such as anlylosing spondylitis, lupus and psoriatic arthritis.


Tasha has been diagnosed with Graves disease.

Maria's dog has developed a heart murmur.

Jo El has dry skin and peripheral neuropathies in her hands and feet.

Lori has two questions the first regarding her mother's hypothyroidism and poor kidney function. Second she has questions regarding her daughter has developed seizures.

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