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KSCO Person Of The Year

KSCO Person Of The Year

From - On the heels of the controversy over youthful Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg being named Time magazine’s “Person of the Year,” Michael Zwerling-owned news/talk KSCO, Santa Cruz is creating its own “Person of the Year” award and naming President Donald Trump for the past four years.

Zwerling says, “I empathize with the president’s frustration of not being named Time magazine’s person of the year. After all, the designation does not necessarily indicate an endorsement of its recipient’s policies – just acknowledgement that they have made the biggest impact on the news. Clearly, Donald Trump has been the most influential person in the news since 2016. And that has not stopped.”

Do you agree that Donald J. Trump deserves to be “Person of the Year”?

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