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New Program Schedule

(On KOMY) 2pm - 4pm
M- F
Rich Lieberman Live
With Rich Lieberman

5am - 6am
M- F
America in the Morning
With Jim Bohannon - Marconi Award Winning Broadcaster, Broadcasting Hall of Fame
Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host
Covering the Headlines and the News

6am - 9am
M- F
Rosie and Rick, KO with Sports, Local News
A fun look at news and information of the day, many regular features like veterans affairs, cooking, gardening, book reviews, movies and DVD reviews, "battle of the sexes", comedy bits and of course celebrity gossip. Tune in for the information, stay for the fun.

9am - Noon
M- F
Rush Limbaugh
Sitting behind the golden EIB Microphone, Rush Limbaugh brings all things conservative with a hearty hint of humor.

Noon - 2pm
The Charles Freedman Show
Historian and Educator Charlie brings you his distinctly conservative point of view, interspersed with music of the 20's and 30's.

2pm - 4pm
KSCO Presents Alex Darnell
Local liberal businessman with a strong interest in economics. Looks at the political scene from the left side of the isle.

2pm - 4pm
The Dr. Future Program
The Doctor and Mrs. Futures takes a look at technology, space and scientific free thinkers
from around the world. Their cutting edge reporting will levitate you out of your seat.

2pm - 4pm
KSCO Presents: Georgia
Our southern pitbull, tea party fan, takes on all the establishments, chews them up and spits them out.

2pm - 4pm
The Costa Report
Rebecca Costa
Author and biologist, Rebecca Costa interviews some of the eminent thinkers and power brokers of the world from a non-partisan perspective.

2pm - 4pm
Friday Fun
Eve and Jasiri
Combining Live In Studio Karaoke, fun trivia with great prizes; A good way to end the week.

4pm - 7pm
M - F
Flight 1080
Pilot Dave Michaels, Co-Pilot Rich Lieberman

7pm - 7:30pm
First Church of Christ Science
Bringing you the writing's and information of Mary Baker Eddy and her effects on the world.
7:30 to 10 Alex

7pm - 7:30pm
Off the Lip
Neil Pearlberg
Live Video Streaming Surf program featuring top surfers from around the world.
7:30 to 10 Alex

W 7pm - 10pm
Alex Jones
Opening minds to the threat of the New World Order.

7pm - 8pm
Money Moves
Pamela Fugitt/Hettric
Local financial adviser, giving advice on investments and the Affordable Care Act.

8pm - 9pm
Let's Go Fishing Radio Program
Mike Baxter & Alan Bushnell
This insanely popular program follow these two highly experienced fisherman as they discuss fresh and sea water conditions up and down the West Coast with a health cast of interesting contributors.
9 - 10 Alex

7pm - 10pm

10pm - 4am
Coast to Coast AM
George Noory
Bringing you everything you need to know about Aliens, Time Travel, Keeping the insomniacs out of bead.

4am - 5am
Dead Doctors Don't Lie
Dr. Joel Wallach
Bringing you the latest information on preventative healthcare, nutrient supplementation. Exposing big Pharma for what it really is.

DDDL Replay

7am - 8am
To Be Announced

8am - 8:30am
First Church of Christ Science

8:30am - 9am
To Be Announced

9am - 10am
The Food Chain
Michael Olsen
Local author Michael Olsen shares his wisdom of all matters relating to food, including agriculture, labor relations, GMO's, wine and other important issues with nationally recognized guests.

10am - 12am
Saturday Special
Michael Zwerling
Station owner Michael Zwerlings eclectic showcase of controversial topics, novel characters. Always explosive and entertaining. Featuring MZ's renowned author mother Kay Zwerling.

Noon - 1pm
Perspectives Radio Show
Rotating Hosts, Tom Quinn, Donald Davidson, David Biles
Perspectives explores in depth the real news and topics that no body else wants to talk about.

1pm - 2pm
Cypress Chiropractic
Dr. Brian Anthony
Detailing the specifics of pressure point thearapy, guiding you to relieve the aches and pains throughout your body.

2pm - 3-pm
To Be Announced

3pm - 4pm
Raising the Standards
Hosted by Michal Jacobi & Rachael Shelton and Rick O'shea
Jacobi, joined by top Jazz performers from around the world, says the only music that matters is Jazz and the only sport that matters is golf. Bay Area Theater and arts, good food and Conviviality to follow.

4pm - 5pm
Wagner & Winick On the Law
With Stephen Wagner & Mitch Winick
Join co-hosts Professor Stephen Wagner and Dean Mitchel Winick to discuss issues of law and public policy that affect our everyday lives.

5pm - 7pm
It's the Way of Love Live
M.C. Hager & Rockelle
Uplifting life affirming music and performance for down to earth people.

7pm - 8pm
Out in Santa Cruz
Stephanie Taylor & Shaun Ordinario
Steph and Shaun explore all facets of the LGBT community. You will you be "querred!".

8pm - 10pm
It's a Question of Balance with Ruth Copland.

10pm - Midnight
Replay of Saturday Special

Midnight - 6am
Coast to Coast AM

6am - 8am
To Be Announced

8am - 10am
TV Confidential
Interviews with the world of television from the 50's, 60's and 70's.

10am - 11am
Cypres Chiropractic

11am - 12pm
The Thinking Machine
Mr. Logic
Stretching your intelligence to the limits with thought provoking contemplations of time, space and other deep thoughts.

Noon - 2pm
Greg and Marleen
Your one-stop location for all your culinary news, reviews and ideas. We are the FUN in the kitchen. We are food enthusiasts that have a true passion for food!

2pm - 3pm
Mr. Mom
David Marin
As the father of three adopted children from the witness protection program, single dad and author David Marin, brings all aspects of parenthood to the table, from behavioral issues, to kids consumerism. No subject is off the table.

3pm - 3:30pm
Purity Products

3:30pm - 4pm
Biker Bob
Ever wondered what that motorcycle gang is about as they are riding past you, tune in. Biker Bob lets you know about the commeradery that exists only between motorcycle riders.

4pm - 6pm
Dave Allan Program
Get your positive kick from Dave Allans diverse and interesting look at life, love and things that matter. A very uplifting program.

6pm - 8pm
The Ethan Bearman Program
Ethan, one of the top 100 broadcasters in the nation, brings you his distinct intellectual style as he interviews movers and shakers from around the country and around the globe.

8pm - 10pm
Dr. Bill Wattenburg
Nationally renouned, brilliant scientist Dr. Wattenburg addresses the divide between good science and bad science.

10pm - 6am
Coast to Coast

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