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Unforgettable -- Belated Valentine's Video For Special Person


Cable 7 News 8-7-73.wmv

It's hard to believe but KSCO Radio owner Michael Zwerling did not ALWAYS have a "great face for radio"... Actually, as a young man MZ had a great face for tv -- it's true !! Watch this video clip from the nightly Santa Cruz Teleprompter Cable 7 Feature News from August 7, 1973 and you will probably be surprised to see what a not-too-terrible-looking tv anchor man MZ was at the tender age of 21. MZ loved this fun job and would probably still be doing it today if he hadn't been laid off in a company cutback about a month after this program aired. But it taught him a great lesson early in life: it's always best to make your way in life as your own boss in your own business -- so you can't be fired or laid off -- AND there is no limit to your success.


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