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Humble Brian The Great, KSCO Resident Guru

The Spirit of America Rising

With Humble Brian The Great

Listen To Humble's Most recent 9/2/2018 appearance below:

Part 1

Part 2

Understand that everything around you, including your mind and your body,
is constantly changing, and that all of life,
all forms, all movement, all sound and all silence,
are constantly changing,
but what you are, never changes.
The scenes change, the sounds change,
the thoughts and the feelings, and the needs of the body change,
but what you are – the one reading now,
will be the same exact, never ending one,
when you close this page.
So, when trouble comes, watch your breath,
and remember, Rule #1,
Don't Make It Worse.
because what you are,
and IS is Eternal.. and Eternity can only be now.
“But what if there's really no such thing?”
'No problem'

  • Appears At Unspecified Times, But Always When Needed Most

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