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Saturday Special

2012-05-12_MZ hosts Rotkin/Wattenburg Debate Hr. 3

Download File Overtime! MZ hosts Wattenburg/Rotkin debate hour 3!

2012-05-12_MZ hosts Wattenburg/Rotkin Debate Hr. 1

Download File MZ hosts self-described socialist Mike Rotkin, longtime Santa Cruz politician, who debates "The Smartest Man in the World" Bill Wattenburg.

2012-05-12_MZ hosts Wattenburg/Rotkin Debate Hr. 2

Download File MZ hosts round 2 of the Rotkin/Wattenburg debate!

2012-05-19_MZ talks desalination

Download File

2012-06-02_MZ talks with the listeners

Download File Open Mic: MZ takes calls from the listeners!

2012-06-09_MZ Chats with his old friend Cathy and Mr. Logic

Download File

2012-06-23_MZ hosts the Saturday Special

Download File

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