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The Saturday Food Chain with Michael Olson- May 04th 2013- Super Weed- Is Seaweed good for the Human Body?

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Food Chain Weekly News Topic
Food Chain Radio Show #918
April 4, 2013 • Sat 9AM Pacific

Michael Olson hosts:  Scott Kennedy, FarmaSea

Is seaweed a good food for the human body?
I was introduced to the nutritional properties of seaweed by Robin, a dedicated gardener from South Africa.  “I have a few boxes to take to the flea market,” he said, “May I have a lift?”
When I saw that the boxes contained kelp Robin had drug home from the nearby beach and shredded by hand, I said, “Robin, you have got to be kidding me!   Who in their right mind is going to buy that seaweed?”

“Oh,” Robin replied, “You’ll see!”

After running a few errands, I decided to swing by the flea market to see how Robin was doing peddling his boxes of seaweed.  I found him standing there with a confused look.  There were no boxes of seaweed to be seen anywhere.

“Robin,” I said, “Did you really sell those boxes of seaweed? “

“No,” he replied, slowly and sadly swinging his head from side to side.  “I went to the restroom and when I came back the boxes were gone.  Somebody just took them!”  
The theft of Robin’s boxes caused me to wonder about the value of the seaweed, and later, to buy tons of it to manufacture an organic fertilizer called Soil Essence.   It would be fair to say that I became a believer in the nutritional properties of kelp.  
That being said, the following claim gives me cause to pause: “The people that eat it (kelp) every day or maybe even three times a week, are the healthiest and longest living people in the history of mankind.”
This claim leads me to ask…  
Is seaweed a good food for the human body?

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