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The Saturday Special with Michael Zwerling- June 22nd 2013- Guest: Kim Allyn- Taking Care of Our Elders

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Taking Care of Our Elders

We all have to face making tough decisions about the health and well being of the elder members of our families.  How to we do it with dignity?  How can we make sure our loved ones maintain a good quality of life throughout their final years?  Kim Allyn joins MZ to discuss this sensitive topic.

The Saturday Special wtih Michael Zwerling- June 15th 2013- Guest Host: Christine Craft, Veteran Talk Show Host/ TV News Anchor- News of the Day

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Guest Host: Christine Craft- Veteran Radio Talk Show Host and TV Anchor

Christine fills in for MZ and does a fantastic job of scaring everyone.  Christine shares her views on everything from politics to back yard Barbecues.

More about Christine:

In 1974, Craft took a position as a weather reporter at KSBW-TV in Salinas, California. [2] While working for KSBW, she served in a variety of reporting roles, including news reporting and sports. She then moved from KSBW to the CBS affiliate, KPIX-TV, in San Francisco where she continued working as an "all around" reporter.

In 1977, CBS hired Craft to do the weekly segment, "Women in Sports", for the CBS Sports Spectacular.[2] As part of her on-air reporting, she was required by CBS to undergo a make-over which included having her hair bleached platinum blonde; Craft later stated that she hated the experience. After a year at CBS, Craft returned to California where she again worked in several news positions, including a stint as co-anchor for Santa Barbara's ABC affiliate, KEYT-TV.

Craft continued with KEYT for several years before moving to Kansas City to work for the Metromedia, Inc. ABC affiliate, KMBC-TV. Craft claims that unbeknownst to her, a media consulting company produced a tape of her and had it shopped around to several stations throughout the country, including KMBC. As a result of this exposure, executives at KMBC requested Craft come to Kansas City for an interview; following the interview, she was hired. Craft states that at the time of her hiring she told the station management she "showed signs of her age and experience", and after the experience with CBS, was not willing to once again be "made over".

Segment taken from Wikipedia (June 15th 2013)

The Saturday Special with Michael Zwerling- June 08th 2013- Guest Host: Rich Lieberman- Guests: Gerald Celente- Trend Forecaster, What's in the Near Future for the World Economic Market & Dr Hassan Astaneh-Asl, Ph.D. , P.E.,Professor, Department of Civi

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Guests: Gerald Celente and Dr Hassan Astaneh-Asl

Gerald Celente is the leading expert in trend forecasting and joins the Saturday Special to discuss what direction the world economy seems to be headed.  To find out more about Gerald Celente click here: http://www.trendsresearch.com/gerald.php

The guest for the second hour is Dr Hassan Astaneh-Asl.  Dr Astaneh-Asl is one of the loudest voices in the Bay Area to question the safety of the new Bay Bridge.  Click here to find out more about Dr Hassan Astaneh-Asl:  http://www.ce.berkeley.edu/~astaneh/

The Saturday Special with Michael Zwerling- June 01st 2013- Guests: Mike Rotkin, Long Time Local Politician,UCSC Lecturer and Michael and Joanne Shaw, Property Rights Advocates

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Guests: Mike Rotkin, Long Time Local Politician , Lecturer at UCSC and Michael and Joanne Shaw, Property Rights Advocates

Consider this a sequel to last week's show.  Mike Rotkin does a fantastic job explaining his stance on "Agenda 21".  What is it? Who will be affected?  Is it just the exaggeration of some strangely worded ideals by the UN?  Enjoy a civil and friendly discussion between people on both sides of this issue.

The Saturday Special with Michael Zwerling- May 25th 2013- Guests: Michael and Joanne Shaw- Agenda 21 and What You Should Know

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Guests: Michael and Joanne Shaw- Agenda 21 and What You Should Know

Michael and Joanne Shaw have been studying Agenda 21 for years and join MZ to discuss the details of Agenda 21.  Find out just how extensive this master plan is and who's involved in executing it.  From Federal to local municipal governments seem to be working toward a final goal.  For news and updates on issues you should know about  click here: http://www.freedomadvocates.org/

The Saturday Special with Michael Zwerling- May 18th 2013- Guest: Sean Conrad, Veteran Broadcaster, Author of "Kickin' Out The Jams"

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Guest: Sean Conrad- Veteran Broadcaster and Author of "Kickin' Out The Jams"

Sean joins MZ for two hours of stories from the radio business.  Sean has worked locally and in some of the greatest markets in radio.  Sex, drugs and rock and roll..........that's just for starters, and it's all in his latest book "Kickin' Out The Oldies- The purple haze of my crazy daze in radio" .  To find out more and to order your copy click here: http://www.sean-conrad.com/

The Saturday Special with Michael Zwerling- May 11th 2013- The Impact of Homelessness- Guest: Andy Carcello

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The Impact of Homelessness

MZ interviews long time Santa Cruz County, and Page Smith Community House resident,  Andy Carcello.  They discuss the problems facing the homeless and the issues that communities have to deal with.  Recently there has been a backlash from neighbors that have noticed an increase in trash, needles, and waste.  A serious issue deserves a serious conversation.  You're invited to hang around and listen in.

Link to Homeless Services Center of Santa Cruz County: http://scshelter.org/index.php?page=hsc-programs

The Saturday Special with Michael Zwerling- May 04th 2013- Guest Hosting: Scott Gold and Kim Allyn- Morality and the State of Our Communities

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Morality and the State of Our Communities

Have the morals the typical American community declined?  Is there still a "togetherness" amongst our citizens.  Recently America , and Santa Cruz, has seen an alarming rise in crime. What are some ways to restore a sense of community and togetherness to discourage crime in our neighborhood.  Join Scott Gold and Kim Allyn for an eye opening show about what ails Santa Cruz.