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The Saturday Special with Michael Zwerling- April 19th 2014- Drake's Bay Oyster Update and Flight 1080- Guest: Kevin Lunny, Owner of Drake's Bay Oyster Company

Find out the latest details in the case of the California Coastal Commission vs The Drake's Bay Oyster Company. Kevin Lunny is one of the last of a dying breed. Is this another case of big brother overstepping their bounds?
In the second half of show MZ takes calls from the listeners about changes to the afternoon drive time show. Some say that KSCO has targeted the older listener for far too long! In their latest attempt to grab a younger demographic, KSCO and ZBS has revamped and revived "The Happy Hour" and it has some listeners turning in their graves! If that didn't make sense, just listen to those clowns from 4-7 on KSCO am 1080 or listen to their podcasts on ZBSradio.com!



*"I love the "The Saturday Special with Michael Zwerling" but those other guys are idiots!" - Albert Einstein