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The Saturday Special with Michael Zwerling- April 12th 2014- The Death of Free Speech and The Rise of ZBS- Guests: Harvey Dosik and Richard Cobb of Move to Amend, Comedian Richard Stockton, and The High Priced Consultant

Hour One: The Death of Free Speech?
In hour one MZ invites members of "Move to Amend", Richard Cobb is the national spokesman and Richad Dosik is the representative of the Santa Cruz branch. They discuss a Supreme Court Ruling allowing huge amounts of money to be donated by corporations. Does this endanger the representation of the voice of the common person? Comedian Richard Stockton stops by to show his support and that there is humor even in the death of free speech!
Move to Amend, Santa Cruz- https://movetoamend.org/ca-santa-cruz


Hour Two: The Rise of ZBS- High Priced Consultants, Trainwrecks, and Fuddy Duddys
Step one of the overhaul of KSCO and ZBS is nearing completion! The current changes to the afternoon drive show is causing fuddy duddys everywhere to flee in horror! Cool, hip people agree that "The Happy Hour with Dave and The Lackey" is like a bad-ass roller coaster. This is one hell of a ride and you don't even need a ticket! Just don't pee your pants or break a hip.

Be sure to check out: ZBSradio.com !   (The computer is good for more than just porn)


* Someone's probably getting fired for writing this lame description of this week's edition of "The Saturday Special with Michael Zwerling"! Find out who it was on next week's show.