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The Saturday Special with Michael Zwerling- October 12th 2013- Guest: Bill Simpkins- Keeping the Community Afloat (Who's Trying to Pee in the Pool?)

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Keeping the Community Afloat  (Who's Trying to Pee in the Pool?)

       Bill Simpkins joins MZ for this edition of "The Saturday Special".   The Simpkins Family Swim Center has benefitted the people of Santa Cruz County by promoting healthy families.  The Simpkins Swim Center is a precious community resource that some of it's founders feel  is being underutilized.  What more can be offered and what can be done to get more people through the doors?  The answer is not as simple as you might think.  It seems that local government doesn't quite share the same enthusiasm as Mr Simpkins.  What's the deal?  Who's trying to pee in the pool?   Find out,  as we journey to the deep end of the pool with Michael Zwerling.

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