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Guests: Radio Talk Host, Christine Craft and Former KSCO Host, Humble Brian- Tyrants, Psychopaths, Humility, Fanatacism, Tolerance and Intolerance

Sparks fly and insults are hurled as Christine Craft and Humble Brian join MZ on this week's edition to discuss how we deal with people that have differing points of view.  Do you shout them down or shut them out?  Maybe you can muster the self control to hold a productive conversation?  Intolerance and the unwillingness to listen to "the other side" has even been blamed for our government shutdown as well as worldwide political instability.  Perhaps it's in our nature as humans and there's little we can do.  If you learn nothing else from this show, remember this; relax a little, take a deep breath, and treat your opposition with respect or else you might end up looking like the Jackass.  A free life lesson courtesy of "The Saturday Special with Michael Zwerling".