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  • Guest - andy carcello

    Hi Charlie,
    Like to explain virus transmutation, just like the movie Out Break where Dustin Hoffman screams, "Its gone airborne!). Swine Flue originated in the hog pens of Asia. It was infecting hogs and whether it became airborne during that infestation, or later is of interest only infectious disease people. The thing is it began in Asia in a community of edible animals (blood from these animals everywhere around meat packing plants) and transforms itself to a human host and begins to spread... Happens every year! Every year the CDC is releasing a anti-virus for flue, but they can never stop it from entering the country! Think about it!

    This is the one everybody in the infectious disease world feared the most; a virus with a 70% kill rate (which would climb to 90% without medical support) with a 21 day incubation period. THESE PEOPLE ON THE NEWS KNOW HOW BAD THIS IS, THEY JUST DON'T WANT TO SAY IT OUT LOUD TO THE PUBLIC!

    We are still accepting people from Africa! We need a 21 day "Ellis Island", but on their HOME continent.

    Oh, God I have a lot more to explain to you... but I'm not feeling well...

    Think of this scenario: An infected person comes aboard a super tanker with a crew of 45 all sleeping in close quarters and using the same small bathroom - he is 15 days into the disease, 6 days out at sea a storm hits and he becomes terribly sick, the crew doesn't realize the danger until all are infected - They radio a mayday, what do we do?

    So they arrive and we determine they are sick, What do we do? We only have 4 hospitals with the grand total of 11 beds, do we give these beds and resources to these aliens coming into the country, or do we send them home sick?

    As too a 1000 infected Muslims coming into this country... Problem is with germ warfare you need to first grow the organism, and if you don't grow it in a germ warfare facility it will spread to your general population. So you have one thousand people germ bombs, what if 25 get cold feet and run!!! You start painting people with Ebola your going to spread the disease to yourself and everybody you come in contact with. They would be better off dropping them in here with atom bombs attached! But the idea of them slipping 3 in here infected; one for California going to UCSC, one for Chicago and its airport, one for New York (memo to Muslim, make sure you infect the Twin Towers!)...

    Hey talk with you later... You know I disagree on your Middle East policies and I'd love to talk with you about world war two - Carters decision to place the Pershing 2 and the first Cruise missiles into the Western Theater and how it may of prevented WWIII - there was a massive build up of Russian armor prior and the Russian generals to this day say they really weren't sure what was going to happen next... begs the question can we stop Russian Armor with conventional weapons, should we have developed and deployed the neutron bomb... I am surrounded by people who are brain dead regarding world history!

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