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Food Chain Radio News
Food Chain Radio Michael Olson
Urban Farming Agriculturalist
The Lost Food
Can farming return the nutrients missing from food?

Guest: Daphne Miller, M.D., author of The Jungle Effect and Farmacology

Following in the footsteps of Weston A. Price, physician Daphne Miller went looking for healthy people. Like Price, she found them in primitive cultures.

Among the elements that gave primitive people healthy bodies, and long lives, was the primitive foods they consumed. What made the difference was what was in primitive foods but not in civilized foods, and what was not in primitive foods but in civilized foods.
Food Chain Radio Michael Olson hosts Daphne Miller, M.D., author of The Jungle Effect and Farmacology

What both Price and Miller discovered was that primitive foods, though certainly not as pretty or as big as civilized foods, contained a higher concentration of essential nutrients. Thus primitive people could eat less food and yet get more essential nutrition.

What was not in the primitive foods, but in the civilized foods, were the additives that gave civilized foods taste and shelf life, including processed sugars, partially-hydrogenated oils, chemical preservatives, and so on.

Considering the consequences of eating foods in which essential nutrients have gone missing, and in which synthetic elements have been added, both Price and Miller concluded that eating civilized foods can lead to sickeness and disease.

This observation leads us to ask…
Can farming return the nutrients that went missing from our food?