The Cory Gold Show

Dr. Cory GoldDr. Gold brings his diverse background to the air and voices his opinions on politics, the economy, world issues and other hot-button topics. Dr. Gold brings tremendous passion and energy to the Cory Gold Show.

Formerly a practicing dentist, Dr. Gold moved into the business world where he founded several businesses in diverse fields. Dr. Gold has been the president of both a publicly traded company and has run several privately held companies.

Dr. Gold is also a nationally recognized speaker and trainer in the entrepreneurial world of network marketing. He has a history of being a top level leader in several world-renowned network marketing companies and currently holds the highest international rank at the company that he works with.

Corey is working with KSCO owner Michael Zwerling and fellow KSCO news-talk host David Coursey to develop innovative new methods to introduce ordinary people to the exciting and lucrative world of entrepreneurism

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