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3- San Benito County races - 06/04/14AA 04:20 S.S.

In 7 of the 8 races in San Benito County, the candidates ran un-opposed. The race for the 4th District seat for the San Benito County Supervisors was a 3-way race. Jerry Muenzer received the most with 43.4 percent of the vote, and he was closely followed by Victor Gomez, who got 38.48 percent of the vote. That means that Muenzer and Gomez will face-off in the November General election.

Daniel Recht came in with just under 18 percent.


7/9 77.78%
Vote Count Percent
- JERRY MUENZER 759 43.40%
- VICTOR GOMEZ 673 38.48%
- DANIEL R. RECHT 311 17.78%
WRITE-IN 6 0.34%
Total 1,749 100.00%

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7 races in Monterey County - 06/04/14AA 03:42 S.S.

In 5 of the 7 races in Monterey County, the candidates were running un-opposed, however, that was not true in both the race for Monterey County Sheriff/Coroner, and the 2nd District race for Monterey County Supervisors.

With 100 percent of the vote tallied, preliminary results show…..Incumbent Sheriff Scott K Miller (who received 42.48 percent of the vote) will face-off in the November General Election with Monterey County Deputy Sheriff Steve Bernal (who got 31.33 percent of the vote).

In the 2nd District race for the Monterey County Board of Supervisors, John Phillips and Ed Mitchell will face-off in the November General Election. Phillips received 49.65 percent of the vote, while Mitchell was the runner-up with 38.59 percent. Maria bonilla Giuriato received just under 12 percent.

194/194 100.00%
Vote Count Percent
NON - MIKE RICHARDS 3,948 13.96%
NON - STEVE BERNAL 8,861 31.33%
NON - SCOTT K. MILLER 12,013 42.48%
NON - FRED GARCIA 3,459 12.23%
Total 28,281 100.00%

County Supervisor, District 2
44/44 100.00%
Vote Count Percent
NON - ED MITCHELL 1,873 38.59%
NON - JOHN M. PHILLIPS 2,410 49.65%
Total 4,854 100.00%

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Santa Cruz County races (100% reporting) - 06/04/14 03:26 S.S.

Although in 11 races in Santa Cruz County, candidates ran unopposed, that is not the case in the other 4 races. Roger Wildey, Robert Pursley junior, and Jim Hart ran for Santa Cruz County Sheriff-Coroner…..and the preliminary count shows Hart winning with 65.33 percent of the vote.

In the race for Santa Cruz County Supervisor (for the 3rd District), Ryan Coonerty beat out Bob Lamonica by getting 75.86 percent of the vote.

In another race…..Terry Medina, Greg Caput, Jimmy Dutra and Dana Salas all ran to become the Santa Cruz County Supervisor to represent the 4th district. The preliminary count indicates that incumbent Greg Caput (who received 45.47 percent of the vote) will face-off with former Watsonville Police Chief Terry Medina (who was the runner-up with 27.68 percent) in the November General Election.

In the Soquel Union Elementary School District, Amanda Jackson Miller and “Sandy” Erickson vied for a seat on the board, and Miller received 64.24 percent of the vote….handily winning that race.

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Nov. run-off required in SCCo 4th District - 06/04/14AA 01:13 og

With 100% of the precincts reporting, no Santa Cruz County 4th District Supervisor candidate received the 50% plus 1 vote required to be declared the winner. Therefore, in November, incumbent Greg Caput, with forty-five point four seven percent (45.47%) or sixteen hundred votes (1600), will face former Police Chief Terry Medina, who received twenty-seven point six eight percent (27.68%) or nine hundred seventy-four votes (974 votes).

Jimmy Dutra finished third with twenty-three point two seven (23.27%) followed by Dana Sales with three point three eight percent.(3.38%)


County Supervisor 4th District
20/20 100.00%
Vote Count Percent
NPP - GREG CAPUT 1,600 45.47%
NPP - TERRY MEDINA 974 27.68%
NPP - JIMMY DUTRA 819 23.27%
NPP - DANA M. SALES 119 3.38%
WRITE-IN 7 0.20%
Total 3,519 100.00%


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Hart declared winner in SC Co Sheriff race - 06/04/14AA 01:13 og

With one hundred percent of the precincts reported, Jim Hart is projected to be the winner of the 2014 Santa Cruz County Sheriff/Coroner race. Hart received sixty-five point three three percent (65.33%) or twenty-thousand one hundred forty (20,140) votes….far more than the 50% plus one vote required to avoid a run-off in November. Roger Wildey received twenty-one point six four percent (21.64%) or six thousand six-hundred seventy votes(6,670), with Bob Pursley finishing third with twelve and a half percent (12.50%) or three thousand eight hundred fifty four votes (3,854).

Hart was endorsed by sheriff Phil Wowak when Wowak announced his retirement in March of this year.

Santa Cruz County Sheriff-Coroner
200/200 100.00%
Vote Count Percent
NPP - JIM HART 20,140 65.33%
NPP - ROGER WILDEY 6,670 21.64%
NPP - ROBERT J. PURSLEY JR. 3,854 12.50%
WRITE-IN 163 0.53%
Total 30,827 100.00%

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The Saturday Special with Michael Zwerling- May 31st 2014- Why are Americans Leaving the U.S.?

The Saturday Special with Michael Zwerling- May 31st 2014- Why are Americans Leaving the U.S.?

Fukushima and radiation, political unrest, a tyrannical government, what could be causing rational citizens to pack up and move.....to another country?! Listen to the story of Bodhi Krohl and decide for yourself if this all paranoia or something that everyone needs to pay attention to. Wake up America, before your country leaves you!

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