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‘Risking Light’ Film-Makers on Forgiving the Unforgivable | It’s A Question of Balance with Ruth Copland

How do your forgive abuse, murder, or genocide? Ruth Copland features two special guests on the topic of forgiveness - film-makers of the documentary 'Risking Light’, which features the stories of three people, in very different circumstances, who forgive the absolutely unforgivable. These people had the courage to step out of the haunting, tragic darkness of the past, risking everything to reach the light of their own compassion. How did they do it and why? The film 'Risking Light' explores resilience, and the painful process of moving from grief to compassion and forgiveness. It challenges us to ask “What would the world look like if we could learn to forgive one another?”
Ruth Copland's guests are Dawn Mikkelson - 'Risking Light' Senior Producer, Director, Writer, and Editor - and Miranda Wilson, 'Risking Light' Producer.

To listen to past topic interviews visit It's A Question of Balance | Topics

In the topic hour Ruth Copland consider topics with local relevance and global significance. The idea is to get us thinking about the questions that affect us all - to stimulate new thinking, or clarify what we already feel; to hear how other people’s opinions may differ from or be similar to our own.

For more info and to listen to past shows visit www.itsaquestionofbalance.com 

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Can Fashion Be Art? PiVot Founders Rose Sellery and Tina Brown on It's A Question of Balance with Ruth Copland

Award-winning artist Rose Sellery and sought-after style guru Tina Brown founded PiVot: The Art of Fashion, which brings together art and fashion with custom tailored events and collaborations. Striking conceptual garments and cutting-edge fashion designs mix in this innovative and entertaining show. Ruth Copland talks to Rose and Tina about how and why they founded PiVot and what we can expect at this year's show on September 21st, as well as digging deeper into what inspires them in their highly successful personal careers in art and fashion. 

Listen to podcast here PiVot The Art of Fashion | It's A Question of Balance (broadcast 14 Sept).

Buy tickets here PiVot Art of Fashion You can buy tickets to attend the event, and also VIP tickets which include a reception party prior to the show. 

Tina Brown is a sought-after personal stylist. Her business, llkastyle, is based in Santa Cruz, California, and helps clients find their personal style identity through her trademark Three Elements of Style protocol.
Rose Sellery is an artist creating sculpture, conceptual garments, installations, and photomontage. She is the recipient of numerous awards, one being the coveted Gail Rich Award, and she has exhibited nationally and internationally. The primary focus of her work is human dynamics.

Photo Credits: 1. Artist, Rose Sellery “Rags to Riches” Emmanuel Leroy Photography 2. Designer, IBBayo Hiram Chee Photography 3. Artist, The Great Morgani. “Loopholes” Jana Marcus Photography

For more info and to listen to past shows click here www.itsaquestionofbalance.com

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Where Do You Draw the Privacy Line in Public Spaces? Thought-Provoking Conversations on It's A Question of Balance with Ruth Copland

Have ubiquitous cell phone cameras and social media postings changed what we think is private and what is public? Is anything fair game now or should we still respect people’s personal space and privacy when they're in public places? If so, how? Ruth Copland features her conversations Out and About on the street. 

For more info and to listen to past shows click here www.itsaquestionofbalance.com 

What governs your sense of people’s privacy? Is it dependent on how you were brought up? What your friends do? Your own feelings? Is there a difference between taking video or photos to share just with friends in person, and posting that photo or video on social media? Is there a higher bar of expected privacy for social media use of images? When posting content acquired in a public space do your think people even think about when it’s appropriate to do so? Should these matters be down to manners and adherence to cultural norms - or should there be legislation to decide these questions and protect people?

Ruth Copland considers all these questions and more in her on the street interviews.


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Science, Romance, Humour, and Math! - Randall Munroe (xkcd) on It's A Question of Balance with Ruth Copland

Former NASA roboticist, cartoonist, webcomic creator and bestselling author talks to Ruth Copland about combining hard science, romance, sarcasm, math, whimsy, and humour! His work is genre-defying and has attracted tens of millions of fans to his website xkcd.com, where you can find his online comic and 'What If?' blog, which answers fans' weird science questions. Celebrity fans include Bill Gates, Serena Williams, Neil Gaiman, and previous guest of It's A Question of Balance, Andy Weir, author of 'The Martian'. Randall Munroe's new book is 'How To: Absurd Scientific Advice For Common Real-World Problems'. 

To listen to the podcast of the interview click here Randall Munroe | It's A Question of Balance (broadcast Aug 31).

If you enjoy the interview, Randall Munroe is appearing in Santa Cruz for a special event on September 11th where you can meet him and get your book signed. A great opportunity to see this wonderfully creative scientist in person. More info at www.bookshopsantacruz.com It will most likely sell out, so if you want to go, get tickets in advance.

Randall is the New York Times bestselling author of the books ‘What If?’ and ‘Thing Explainer’ which are mega blockbusters. ‘What If?’ spent 64 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list and ‘Thing Explainer’ sold over a million copies worldwide. Randall is also the Hugo-award-winning creator of the cultural phenomenon 'xkcd', an online comic. The comic covers romance, science, maths, pop culture and more and has a gentle humour, kindness and poignancy to it, as well as delivering scientific information in a highly interesting form. This has led to a dedicated fanbase with millions of fans enjoying his webcomic and his highly original books. Randall’s legion of fans have been eagerly awaiting a new book and it has now arrived in the form of ‘How To: Absurd Scientific Advice for Common Real-World Problems’ an entirely original new work with never-before-seen material. 

For more info and to listen to past shows visit www.itsaquestionofbalance.com 

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Dark Suspense with a Hint of Supernatural - Internationally Bestselling Michael Rutger on It's A Question of Balance Saturday with Ruth Copland

An intelligent, witty and award-winning writer, Michael jokingly calls himself ‘all the Michaels’ due to his internationally bestselling writing career as Michael Rutger, Michael Marshall Smith, and Michael Marshall. Ruth Copland talks to Michael Rutger about his life, art and his new books 'The Possession' and ‘Hannah Green and her Unfeasibly Mundane Existence’.

Listen to the interview podcast here Michael Rutger | It's A Question of Balance (broadcast Aug 24).

Michael is the winner of the Philip K Dick Award, the August Derleth Award for best novel, six British fantasy awards, and the only author ever to win the BFS Award for Best Short Story four times. Stephen King referred to Michael’s Straw Men trilogy as a 'masterpiece….brilliantly written' and Michael is currently working on developing ‘Straw Men’ for TV. His novel Spares was optioned by Stephen Spielberg's Dreamworks, and his supernatural thriller The Intruders was adapted as a major BBC television series. As well as his many best-selling novels, Michael has also published nearly a hundred short stories. Born in Britain, he now lives in Santa Cruz, California, with his wife, son and two cats. His latest books are ‘Hannah Green and her Unfeasibly Mundane Existence’ published as Michael Marshall Smith, and the recently released Michael Rutger novel ‘The Possession’. 

For more info and to listen to past shows visit www.itsaquestionofbalance.com

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Amazing Marine Life Photographer Jodi Frediani on It's A Question of Balance Saturday with Ruth Copland

Ruth Copland talks to Jodi about her life, art and why her daughter blames her for breaking up The Beatles! 

Jodi Frediani's incredible photographs of whales, dolphins, and marine life have featured in national newspapers and permanent collections around the world. Listen in to find out about her journey through the flower power of the 60s, travelling all over Africa and Europe, organic farming, consulting as an environmental forest and watershed expert, training animals, to becoming an incredible marine photographer having received her first camera at the age of 12.

To listen to interview click here Jodi Frediani | It's A Question of Balance

With a bachelor’s degree and graduate certificate in Art/ Photography, Jodi’s graduate photo project ‘Our Other Homeless’ highlighted the plight of abandoned cats and dogs, euthanised in the thousands by shelters when homes can’t be found. Her photographs were incorporated in books and magazines and exhibited from coast to coast. Jodi has photographically recorded adventures, people, places and animals across Africa, spanning the continent and capturing an array of incredible animals including elephants and cheetahs. For the past 7 years, she has focused on marine species of the Monterey Bay in California, and for the last 15 seasons Jodi has been swimming with and photographing the North Atlantic humpback whales in the warm waters of the Silver Bank Marine Mammal Sanctuary, Dominican Republic, where she also helps gather fluke ID photos for research. This non-invasive data collection helps scientists to discover where whales spend their time. Jodi has also spent time swimming with and photographing humpback whales in Tonga. 

For more information and to listen to past shows visit www.itsaquestionofbalance.com

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