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'Clothes Maketh the Man', Woman or Mouse! Hollywood Costume Designer Mona May on It's A Question of Balance with Ruth Copland

Mona May's work spans genres, time periods, and media – she’s even designed clothing for CGI star Stuart Little! In movies the clothes really do maketh the man, or woman or mouse. She’s worked with Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston, Nicolas Cage, Eddie Murphy, Demi Moore, Will Ferrell, and more on all kinds of films. Take a peek behind the scenes with Ruth Copland and Mona May!

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Much of the look and feel of our favourite films comes from the costume design. Mona May's film credits include Clueless, The Wedding Singer, 8mm, Enchanted, The Haunted House, and Stuart Little 2 to name but a few. Mona May's trademark joie de vivre is clearly evident in her work, and it injects a bold, sexy confidence into her designs. She is a master at designing costumes that flatter her actors' body types, while simultaneously hitting pitch-perfect visual notes for the character they are portraying. Mona's deep understanding of both design and anatomy combine to render the actor and the character inseparable, including many roles played by such Hollywood luminaries. Aside from movie work, Mona May is always inspired to share her passion, originality and technical experience with future designers at OTIS Parsons, FIDM and Pasadena Art Center, where she is a frequent lecturer. 

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