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‘Risking Light’ Film-Makers on Forgiving the Unforgivable | It’s A Question of Balance with Ruth Copland

How do your forgive abuse, murder, or genocide? Ruth Copland features two special guests on the topic of forgiveness - film-makers of the documentary 'Risking Light’, which features the stories of three people, in very different circumstances, who forgive the absolutely unforgivable. These people had the courage to step out of the haunting, tragic darkness of the past, risking everything to reach the light of their own compassion. How did they do it and why? The film 'Risking Light' explores resilience, and the painful process of moving from grief to compassion and forgiveness. It challenges us to ask “What would the world look like if we could learn to forgive one another?”
Ruth Copland's guests are Dawn Mikkelson - 'Risking Light' Senior Producer, Director, Writer, and Editor - and Miranda Wilson, 'Risking Light' Producer.

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In the topic hour Ruth Copland consider topics with local relevance and global significance. The idea is to get us thinking about the questions that affect us all - to stimulate new thinking, or clarify what we already feel; to hear how other people’s opinions may differ from or be similar to our own.

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