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Where Do You Draw the Privacy Line in Public Spaces? Thought-Provoking Conversations on It's A Question of Balance with Ruth Copland

Have ubiquitous cell phone cameras and social media postings changed what we think is private and what is public? Is anything fair game now or should we still respect people’s personal space and privacy when they're in public places? If so, how? Ruth Copland features her conversations Out and About on the street. 

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What governs your sense of people’s privacy? Is it dependent on how you were brought up? What your friends do? Your own feelings? Is there a difference between taking video or photos to share just with friends in person, and posting that photo or video on social media? Is there a higher bar of expected privacy for social media use of images? When posting content acquired in a public space do your think people even think about when it’s appropriate to do so? Should these matters be down to manners and adherence to cultural norms - or should there be legislation to decide these questions and protect people?

Ruth Copland considers all these questions and more in her on the street interviews.


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