Amazing Marine Life Photographer Jodi Frediani on It's A Question of Balance Saturday with Ruth Copland

Ruth Copland talks to Jodi about her life, art and why her daughter blames her for breaking up The Beatles! 

Jodi Frediani's incredible photographs of whales, dolphins, and marine life have featured in national newspapers and permanent collections around the world. Listen in to find out about her journey through the flower power of the 60s, travelling all over Africa and Europe, organic farming, consulting as an environmental forest and watershed expert, training animals, to becoming an incredible marine photographer having received her first camera at the age of 12.

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With a bachelor’s degree and graduate certificate in Art/ Photography, Jodi’s graduate photo project ‘Our Other Homeless’ highlighted the plight of abandoned cats and dogs, euthanised in the thousands by shelters when homes can’t be found. Her photographs were incorporated in books and magazines and exhibited from coast to coast. Jodi has photographically recorded adventures, people, places and animals across Africa, spanning the continent and capturing an array of incredible animals including elephants and cheetahs. For the past 7 years, she has focused on marine species of the Monterey Bay in California, and for the last 15 seasons Jodi has been swimming with and photographing the North Atlantic humpback whales in the warm waters of the Silver Bank Marine Mammal Sanctuary, Dominican Republic, where she also helps gather fluke ID photos for research. This non-invasive data collection helps scientists to discover where whales spend their time. Jodi has also spent time swimming with and photographing humpback whales in Tonga. 

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