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Exclusively Good News from the Middle East - Rama Chakaki on It's A Question of Balance Saturday 8-9 PM

The news always seems bad out of the Middle East but what else is happening across this vibrant region?

Ruth Copland features her interview with Rama Chakaki, businesswoman, social entrepreneur, and founder of Baraka Bits, the only media venture delivering EXCLUSIVELY good news from the Middle East. Rama is an incredibly inspiring person making a real difference in the world despite health challenges resulting in 12 surgeries. Ruth Copland's interview with Rama explores the creative art of the Middle East and how art can both reflect and shape conflict, as well as give a more holistic voice to people living in countries that are often represented simply as areas of conflict in Western media. Join Ruth Copland and Rama Saturday 8-9 PM and be uplifted!

Listen live from anywhere via KSCO.com livestream Saturday 13th October 8-9 PM PST.

BarakaBits started with content from the region, changing the narrative in the media to an intelligent, optimistic and empowering one.  Rama is also the co-founder of Baraka Ventures, which aims to nurture innovative social enterprises, and Baraka Advisors, which is a digital communications agency rooted in the region’s culture and values. The agency supports NGOs engage donors and volunteers and supports mainstream private sector companies transform to social enterprise rooted in community service.

For more info and to hear previous shows visit www.itsaquestionofbalance.com

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