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Inside Perspective on 'Best Film Festival in USA' Cinequest on It's A Question of Balance

Cinequest Director of Programming Michael Rabehl, and Award winning director Jeremy Guy, give insight into Cinequest from two different perspectives: one from the creative organisational side and the other from the film-maker side (broadcast March 3).

To listen to interview with Michael Rabehl click here It's A Question of Balance | Michael Rabehl

To listen to interview with Jeremy Guy click here It's A Question of Balance | Jeremy Guy

Cinequest Film Festival runs 27th February through March 11th. Ruth Copland will be interviewing Andie MacDowell live on stage at the California Theatre in San Jose on March 10th. To get info, tickets and festival passes for Cinequest visit Cinequest Film and VR Festival 2018 

Michael has been a member of the Cinequest team since 1994 and as Director of Programming manages the film selection process for the festival and supervises the programming teams to create a world class line up of films and guests every year. As the Associate Director he’s also directly involved with the strategic planning of the festival. Jeremy Guy, an award winning director and cinematographer, whose documentary feature Purdah is having its world premiere at Cinequest. Jeremy’s film Purdah follows a young woman in India who recently removed her burkha for the first time to pursue her dream of becoming one of the only Muslim women to play cricket professionally in all of Mumbai. It also follows the career aspirations of her sisters within a restrictive religious context. Jeremy Guy's work includes a wide variety of projects including narrative feature films, major television shows, and independent documentaries.

To get info and tickets to see Purdah visit Cinequest: Purdah

For more info and to hear previous shows visit www.itsaquestionofbalance.com 

Photo L to R: Michael Rabehl; Jeremy Guy.

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