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Presentation High School: Victim Of Media Abuse Or Enabler Of Sexual Misconduct?

Presentation High School: Victim Of Media Abuse Or Enabler Of Sexual Misconduct?

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In the wake of the #MeToo movement, the private all girls Catholic Presentation High School has come under fire by an organization of former alumni, calling its self "Make Pres Safe". The organization alleges that a variety of instances of sexual misconduct were reported to the Schools administration, only to have the legitimacy of the reports questioned or otherwise ignored.

Local news was eager to pick up the story with multiple reports appearing on KRON 4, KTVU FOX 2, The Mercury News, CBS, ABC, and NBC Bay Area.

Popular Bay Area Media Critic, Rich Lieberman has a different take, noting that "The group, "Make Pres Safe," and its attorney have refused to meet with PHS to discuss their claims, many of which are dubious at best--there are no records either verbal or written that the claims were ever made to the school." While also pointing out that there has been no lawsuit filed over the allegations dating back 30 years.

In the aftermath of the resulting public scrutiny, as mentioned on Georgia's Wednesday show, Presentation's principle Mary Miller has received some shockingly hateful, racist, violent and threatening voice messages. You can click here to listen to a voice message left for Mary Miller, but be warned. It is so distasteful, you will probably ruin your day.

Is Make Pres Safe acting in the best interest of past and future students or engaging in "trial by media" tactics, which hinge on public sentiment rather than any proof of wrong doing?

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