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Cinequest Co-Founder Kathleen Powell on It's A Question of Balance with Ruth Copland

Named one of 25 people who have dramatically changed Silicon Valley over the past 25 years (by Metro Newspapers) Kathleen Powell continues to serve artists, innovators and youth with passion and love. This Saturday Ruth Copland features her interview with Cinequest President and Co-Founder Kathleen Powell.  Cinequest Inc incorporates Cinequest Film and VR Festival in San Jose California - named Best Film Festival by USA Today - and running Feb 27th to March 11th 2018; Cinequest Picture The Possibilities - which empowers youth; and Cinequest Mavericks Studio - which creates innovative and transformative motion pictures and distribution paradigms.

To listen to the interview click here Kathleen Powell | It's A Question of Balance (broadcast 24 Feb)

Maverick Spirit Award winners attending Cinequest 2018 include Nicolas Cage and Andie MacDowell. Ruth Copland will be interviewing Andie MacDowell live on stage at the California Theatre in San Jose on March 10th. To get info, tickets and festival passes for Cinequest visit Cinequest Film and VR Festival 2018 

Kathleen Powell has an eclectic background in engineering and art, with a passion to bring the transformative vision of youth and artists to the world. She found her true calling whilst gaining her Masters in Computer Science when she joined a summer feature film project to produce the film He’s Still There, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival. Inspired by this experience, she shortly afterwards co-founded Cinequest with Halfdan Hussey, and together they have grown the festival from a one theatre event to a multi-screen, 13-day event attracting over 100,000 attendees. Kathleen recently co-directed and co-produced the feature film Life is Love about inspirational women, and also mentors burgeoning business women around the world through the Bush Institute’s Women’s Initiative Fellowship. Many films shown at the festival have gone on to receive distribution by a major movie studio and several short films have won Academy Awards. The prestigious Maverick Spirit Award is given by the festival to influential individuals who embody the independent and innovative mindset and recipients include Harrison Ford, Minnie Driver, Ben Kingsley, Salman Rushdie, Danny Glover, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Arnold Schwarzenegger to name but a few. The Maverick Innovator Awards, and the Media Legacy Awards highlight notable individuals in film and technology and Cinequest itself has been a leader in showcasing and applying the technologies that have revolutionised the film business.

For more info and to hear previous shows visit www.itsaquestionofbalance.com

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