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How much does privacy matter?

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On It's A Question Of Balance With Ruth Copland this Saturday at 8 PM we'll be considering  ‘How much does your privacy matter? Most online services now require that you sign Terms and Conditions where you agree to them changing the terms at any time and to them divulging your data to third parties. Should we be thinking about how much our privacy is worth as a commodity? Does your privacy in your real personal life feel different to you than on the internet? There is talk of using our online data to anticipate crime by sifting through our searches. Should we have the right to think how we want – and therefore to investigate what we want? Isn’t it actions that are punishable not thoughts if they are not expressed and don’t hurt others? Or is it worth giving up this kind of privacy for us to stay safe?  Join the conversation! Call the studio with your thoughts on 831 479 1080 or email comments to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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