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Saturday Speical: Will the Traffic Lackey Change?

OH MY GOD! -- The high-priced consultant was right -- BIGTIME!!

He WARNED me that making such a DRASTIC program change to the afternoon drive program would result in a MASSIVE outcry from people who would be offended by the new Happy Hour program with Dave and the Traffic Lackey.

But I NEVER expected the hundreds of angry emails to crash the server!

Most of them dislike the Lackey's attitude, especially his nasty treatment of callers.

So I couldn't stand it any longer.

I had a coming to Jesus meeting with the Traffic Lackey and asked him to change: to become kind and respectful towards callers, especially the ones who insult him!

He said he would AND appear with his partner Dave Michaels to speak candidly with you on the next KSCO Special, this Saturday 10 AM to 12 Noon, right here on we hear you loud and clear and know you mean business radio AM 1080 KSCO!

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