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DrFuture News N:OW - Google Cars Drive in the City, Twitter Pre-Crime, Soft Landing for SpaceX Booster,$100 Million for us for Solar Panels, Ken Adam's new McKenna film "Imaginatrix."

Autonomous Google cars are learning to drive in the city.

A DrFutureShow recap, in case you tuned in late on Tuesday April 29.

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This week's DrFutureShow took a few turns in Google's autonomous cars. With new software geared to handle city driving, Google is teaching their vehicles to avoid stalled cars in the lane ahead, and to pause at corners as bicycles pass from behind.  City driving means the cars are getting smarter as they learn to avoid potential accidents, which can happen with much more frequency at busy intersections compared with flowing traffic on the Interstates. Anyone willing to ride in a Google robot Taxi? 

And speaking of safety technologies, law enforcement is using Twitter to predict crime, provided it’s the right kind of crime. Say what? Tune in to the KSCO Podcast here. Past shows, Blog, and Links for the latest show are available on the www.drfutureshow.com page.