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Food Chain Radio News Topic

Food Chain Radio Show Host Michael Olson #926 • June 29, 2013 • Sat 9AM Pacific

Peggy Armstrong, International Dairy Foods Association

Sally Fallon Morell, Weston A. Price Foundation

Should dairy be upfront in labeling aspartame in milk?

Mothers feed children milk to help them build healthy bodies, and thus milk has become a staple of the modern diet.  So powerful is the draw of milk grocers place dairy shelves in the back of the store to draw shoppers through the rest of their goods.

Much happens to milk as it makes its way from contented cow to gregarious grocer:  It is pasteurized to kill all the organisms– good and bad– it contains; it is robbed of much of its fat, which can be sold for more  as butter and ice cream; it is homogenized so what fat remains is suspended in solution.

Even more can be done to milk to induce children to consume more of it:  flavoring– chocolate and strawberry– can be added to make it more interesting; sugar can be added to make it taste better.

But wait!  Children are now becoming obese, and many point the finger of blame at milk and milk products.  The solution to obesity some say, is to sweeten milk and milk products with the artificial–non-nutritive–aspartame, thereby turning dairy products into “diet” dairy products.

However, aspartame advocates say, if we say upfront dairy products contain aspartame, children will not want to consume them. Industry therefore has petitioned the Food and Drug administration for relief from its requirement to be upfront in labeling.  This leads us to ask…

Should dairy be upfront in labeling aspartame in milk?

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