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Steinbeck Center Holding Its Own - 02/24/15 10:24 S.S.

The National Steinbeck Center, which is soon expected to be acquired by Cal State Monterey Bay, recently received a new cache of papers and letters from the author. The 400, mostly handwritten, letters, notes, and artifacts pertain to a musical version of Steinbeck’s 1954 book called “Sweet Thursday”. They were donated to the center by the wife of the movie’s producer.

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Salinas-Based Fresh Express - 02/24/15 10:00 S.S.

The company that purchased Salinas-based Fresh Express almost a decade ago, is itself being purchased by 2 Brazilian companies. Chiquita Brands will become a subsidiary of the Cutrale-Safra Group. Safra Group is an investment firm, and the Cutrale Group is a juice company. Key aspects of Fresh Express’ Salinas operations are expected to remain in Salinas.

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Assistance Being Offered - 02/24/15 09:59 S.S.

The Office For Employment Training in Monterey county is offering to assist employees who have been laid off from either Capital One or River Ranch.    Job seekers are being offered training funds, so they can take inventory of their skills, abilities and aptitudes, as well as review the current labor market.    The assistance is being offered for a limited time.    For more information people are encouraged to contact the service specialists at the Office For Employment Training at (831) 796-3365.

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MCo Asks For Delay - 02/24/15 09:05 MK/S.S.

The Monterey County Board of Supervisors has agreed to the basic structure of a Groundwater Sustainability Act. Monterey County Water Resources Agency officials are going to ask to delay the agreed upon deadlines, to create a water project (that battles seawater intrusion) in the Salinas Valley. The State Water Board says that the water projects the county agreed to build back in 1957 (when the original rights were granted) have never been built. 2 of the projects are: the Interlake Tunnel Project, which would add a large amount of storage capacity to Lake San Antonio; and the GroundWater Sustainability Act, which will mandate a new set of deadlines to bring the Salinas Valley Water Basin into balance. Right now there is more groundwater being pumped out, than there is recharging the aquifers. Water agency officials will need to complete a plan by 2020.

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Santa Cruz Metro Price Increase - 02/24/15 08:33 MK

The cost of using the highway 17 express bus and paratransit could increase. Following the 2008 economic downturn, there has been no new state money, which makes up 72 percent of their founding. There have been public meetings this month to discuss possible solutions. The agency has a 48.5 million dollar budget, with 80 percent being labor expenses.

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