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UPDATE: Governors Drought Proposal - 03/19/15 11:56 S.S.

Governor Jerry Brown has proposed legislation that would accelerate the $1 billion drought-relief bond spending that voters have already approved for water and flood projects. His package of 2 bills would provide funding for immediate aid to counties facing serious water shortages (and unemployment). The aid would include money that could be spent on emergency drinking water, fish and wildlife protections and groundwater management….among others. The proposal will need majority approval from the state legislature. In the meantime, the State Water Resources Control Board has approved rules that prohibit the daily watering of lawns, and people in California will now have to ask for water when eating at a restaurant.

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Poster And Poetry Winners - 03/19/15 10:07 S.S.

The winners of the annual Santa Cruz County Farm Bureau Poster and Poetry Contest have been announced. They are Owen Witmer from Bradley Elementary School in Corralitos, and Autumn Burchell from Creekside school in Santa Cruz.

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Local Honored By Farming Community - 03/19/15 09:41 S.S.

The local farming community has honored Ceil Cirillo, the former head of the Santa Cruz Redevelopment Agency. She received the 2015 Al Smith Friend of Agriculture Award. The award recognized Cirillo’s contributions to the agricultural industry (as someone not involved in production agriculture).

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First Harbor Seal Pup of Season - 03/19/15 09:00 MK

The first local Harbor Seal pup of the season was born on Tuesday in Pacific Grove. Protective fencing was placed around an area of Hopkins Beach on Wednesday to help protect the seals. Humans and loud noises can cause seal mothers to become nervous and leave their pups, making it important to keep people at distance. Currently seals are not experiencing issues with not having food and not gaining weight like sea lions are.

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