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UPDATE: Morgan Hill Boy Not Charged for Sale of Coricidin- 1/19/15 8:00 S.G.

The Morgan Hill boy suspected of selling cold medicine to three girls at Britton Middle School last week will not be arrested or charged. Officials say the girls became ill after ingesting 12 pills each of Coricidin. They were transported to the hospital and treated for nausea before being released. The boy suspected of selling the tablets will not be arrested because it is not illegal to possess Coricidin, which is an over-the-counter medicine. The boy’s case will now be handled administratively.

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Governor and UC President to Collaborate and Discuss Financing- 1/19/15 7:00 S.G.

Governor Jerry Brown and the UC President have agreed to collaborate and discuss the system’s finances. Both Governor Brown and UC President Janet Napolitano are poised to form a committee that will address the university’s financial responsibility, as well as its future in research, employment and enrollment. Their collaboration will be called the Select Advisory Committee on the Cost Structure of the University. The leaders’ decision has been prompted by their disagreement over the UC’s approval of a 5-year plan to increase tuition. Brown and Napolitano plan to hold their first meeting next week.

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Cellphones Handed Out to Low-Income Families in Salinas- 1/18/15 22:00 P.M.D.

Non-profit group handed out close to 100 cell phones in Salinas on Friday. Budget Mobile is a federally funded program which aims to help low-income families or individuals get established with a means of communication, essential in finding employment as well as being eligible for other opportunities. People on Medical and the WIC, automatically qualified for the phones which came with a free year of unlimited text and talk.

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Watsonville Gym Members Consider Legal Action- 1/18/15 21:30 P.M.D.

A Watsonville gym’s abrupt closure has members considering options. Lifestyle Fitness located at Penney Lane and Green Valley Road locked its doors last week leaving a note that gym-goer’s memberships would be honored at another fitness club. The owner of that other club claims they have no agreement for Lifestyles members, some of which just paid their annual memberships with discounts for long term contracts. Many members are also concerned over personal information used for automatic payments. At this time there is no official investigation into the closure.

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One Man Dead in Crash near Morgan Hill- 1/18/15 21:00 P.M.D.

A solo car crash left one man dead on Highway 101 near Morgan Hill on Saturday. The accident occurred near Cochrane Road in the southbound lanes when, according to witness reports, a vehicle merging to the far left lane overshot the lane and collide with the median before overturning. The victim’s identity is being withheld pending notification of family. Drugs and alcohol are not believed to be a factor in the accident.


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