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Local News

SV DUI Motorcycle-5/11/18-1557-PMD

Scotts Valley police apprehended a suspected DUI motorcyclist early Friday. Authorities say that the motorcyclist was spotted driving recklessly, a patrol unit attempted to stop the vehicle but the rider sped off until it crashed in a yard. An officer then subdued James Balco who was attempting to flee the scene. Balco was booked into Santa Cruz County Jail on multiple charges.

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Auto Burglary  Arrests-5/11/18-1534-PMD

An investigation by the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office has led to the arrest of two auto burglary suspects. On May 9th detectives obtained arrest warrants for 41 year old Ronald Dillon and 27 year old Elizabeth Chandler, both of Salinas. On Friday, officers spotted the suspects driving through Santa Cruz towards Davenport, where most of the crimes took place. Chandler and Dillon were arrested and charged in connection to more than six auto burglaries from around the county.


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Gray Whale Hit By Ship 05/10/18B 18:28 S.S.

A  Gray  Whale,  who’s  body  was  found  in  the  San  Francisco  Bay,  is  believed  to  have  died  from  the  blunt  force  trauma  of  being  hit  by  a ship.     Scientists found significant bruising and hemorrhaging to the 44-foot adult female gray whale’s blubber and muscle tissue as well  as  several skull fractures. It's the third gray whale found dead in the San Francisco Bay since March, when a Gray Whale that died of malnutrition was found on Angel Island.  Another died last month after an orca attacked it and it then got entangled in fishers' nets.

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Seabright State Beach Adopted 05/10/18B 16:45 S.S.

A  local  group  has  adopted  a  Santa  Cruz  county  beach.   The  Santa  Cruz  chapter  of  the  Satanic  Temple  says  that  Save  Our  Shores  will  put  them  through  orientation  in  early  June,  and  they’ll  start  doing  Beach  Clean-Ups  shortly  thereafter.    According  to  their  website,  members  promote  critical  thinking, reason,  and  equality.    They  further  say  that  the  Monterey Bay is a marine sanctuary, and they are grateful for the opportunity to help create a cleaner, safer environment for wildlife and humans.

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2 ARR RE: CVILLE RD BURG 05/10/18B 16:20 S.S.

2  men  have  been  arrested  in  connection  with  a  reported  burglary  in  castroville  this  week.    Surveillance  video  footage  showed  Oscar  Chavez,  and  Araceli  Lopez,  during  a  burglary  on  Dolan  Road.     A  Monterey  county  sheriff’s  deputy  was  injured  when  Chavez  threw  a  piece  of  metal  at  the  deputy  while  the  deputy  was  trying  to  arrest  Chavez.   Chavez  And  Araceli  were  booked  into  Monterey  county  jail.

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