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2 Arrested In Sal 01/10/18B 17:29 S.S.

2  Salinas  men  were  arrested  this  morning,   in  connection  with  last  month’s  shooting  death  of  a  man  on  the  300  block  of  Laurel  Drive.    28  year-old  Gerardo  Abel  Cerna,  and  his  21  year-old  brother  Miguel  Angel  Cerna,  are  accused  of  killing  29  year-old  Hector  Oswaldo  Sandoval.    The  Cerna  brothers  were  booked  into  Monterey  County  Jail.

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Dport Man – Child Pornography 01/10/18B 16:54 S.S.

A  Bonny  Doon  man  has  been  arrested  for  possessing  child  pornography,  and  sending  said  images  over  the  internet.    31  year-old  Neil  Abell  was  arrested  in  Davenport  yesterday.     He  was  booked  into  Santa  Cruz  County  Jail.

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Robbery, Burglary and Assault Weapon Arrest    01-10-18    T.A.

(09:20) Monterey County - A man has been arrested in connection with a robbery and burglary that took place last month in Marina.  Officers recently served a search a warrant in the 100 block of Cypress Lakes Court.  As a result of the search warrant, 20 year old Trevor Ryan-Tauber was arrested for armed robbery, burglary, manufacturing an assault rifle and possession of an assault rifle.   At the time of arrest, Ryan-Tauber was out on bail for another charge of possession of a loaded, concealed firearm.   He was booked into Monterey County Jail. 

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Witness Comes Forward        01-10-18        T.A.

(07:45) Salinas - A witness has come forward in connection with the hit-and-run that took place on Monday on W. Laurel Dr. and Legion, in Salinas.  The witness described the suspect vehicle as a light colored Sports Utility Vehicle or Van, and was seen driving eastbound on E. Laurel Dr. when it struck the pedestrian, and fled.  The victim remains in critical condition.   Anyone with information regarding the incident is encouraged to call the Salinas Police Department.

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Highway 35 Reopened    01-10-18   T.A.

(07:25) The California Department of Transportation announced it reopened a storm-damaged portion of Highway 35 near the Santa Cruz county line yesterday at 9:00 am.  The 200-foot section of highway was completely washed away by severe storms last February.  Another storm-damaged section of Highway 35, located one mile from this project, also reopened yesterday morning.

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