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UPDATE 1030: UCSC Strikers 05/08/18A 10:55 S.S.

Although  demonstrators  are  still  on-hand  at  both  entrances  to  U.C.S.C.,  people  are  being  able  to  drive  through  today.     The  Bay  Tree  Book  Store  and  The  Express  Shop  are  open,  and  ID  Card Services  remains  closed.    Because  campus  shuttles,  and  metro  bus  service,  on  campus  are  not  functional  today,   the  campus  community  is  encouraged  to  sign  up  for  Zimride…which  is  a  private  rideshare  program.

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UPDATE 0800: UCSC CAMPUS STRIKE 05/08/18A 08:00 S.S.

Both entrances to the main campus of UCSC are open, with the demonstrations continuing  at  both entrances.   The campus community is asked to drive carefully, and allow extra travel time in the event there’s congestion on roadways to campus.   Campus employees are encouraged to immediately notify their supervisors if they feel threatened, harassed, or intimidated about crossing a picket line, or if they are prevented from working by picketers or striking employees. Because of the strike, some services will be limited or unavailable.  Campus shuttles will not be running, though disability van service is available by calling 831-459-2829 to request service. Santa cruz metro buses will not come onto campus during protests. Metro will provide modified service, using bus stops on bay street near the main entrance or on high street near western drive. 

Dining services is expecting to offer hot meals at the colleges 9 and 10 dining hall starting at 7 a.m.

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Food Packaging In S C 05/08/18A 09:57 S.S.

Food  service  businesses  in  the  city  of  Santa   Cruz  must  now  switch  all  “to-go”  containers,  lids,  straws  and  cutlery  to  those  that  are  compostable,  biodegradable,  or  recyclable.     That’s  because  the  6-month  grace  period  is  over  for the  new  City Of  Santa  Cruz  Environmentally  Acceptable  Food Packaging  And  Products  Ordinance  that  was  signed  into  law  September  26th  of  2017.      Food providers in  the  city  of  Santa  Cruz  may  only  give  straws,  lids, cutlery  and  to-go  condiment  packages  upon  the  request  of  the  customer.   Additionally,  food  service  providers  are  encouraged  to  charge  a  take-out  fee  of  25 cents  for  disposable  cups,  lids,  straws,  stirrers  and/or  utensils,   and  they  are  also  encouraged  to  provide  a  25  cent  credit  for customers who  bring  their  own  reusable  containers  for  to-go  items.   To  view  the  revised ordinance,  people  can  go  on-line to:  www.cityofsantcruz.com/polystyrene

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UPDATE 0600: UCSC Campus Strike 05/08/18A 06:00 S.S.

Demonstrators  are  once  again  at  the  Main  Entrance  to  the  U.C.S.C.  Campus,  however  so  far  they  are  allowing  cars  through.  That  is  not  the  case  at  the  West  Entrance  where  by  5:30  this  morning,   demonstrators  were  reportedly  preventing  cars  from  going  through.   People  are  being  asked  to  drive  very slowly  and  carefully  in  those  areas.

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MCO Cannabis Tax 05/08/18A 05:43 S.S.

The  Monterey  County Board  Of  Supervisors  Cannabis  Committee  plans  to  consider lowering  the  cannabis  tax  rate,  when  they  meet  later  this  month.     That  after  local growers  said  the  current  rate  (of  15  dollars  per  square  foot  of  cultivation)  will  drive  them  out  of  business.     The  Cannabis  Committee  is  expected  to  discuss  the  tax  at  their  may  22nd  meeting.

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