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Local News

July 15, 2016: Morgan Hill Stabbing Arrest

(16:45) MORGAN HILL- A Morgan Hill man was arrested for a knife attack Friday morning. Authorities say that officers responded to the 17 thousand block of Walnut Grove to reports of a stabbing. At the scene police located a 50 year victim with injuries to the upper torso. Investigators also located the alleged assailant 55 year old Raul Garcia. Garcia was booked into county jail.




July 15, 2016: Audit of King City Police Department Reveals Deficiencies

(11:14) KING CITY – State auditors have completed an investigation, looking into the King City Police Department’s policies. The investigation was requested by Assemblymember Luis Alejo last year, following the arrest of six officers in 2014 in connection with an illegal towing scheme. The audit confirmed the department’s problems with its towing policies, handling of complaints, and management of citations and officers. The audit calls on the department to take steps to improve these protocols. King City officials have agreed to meet the recommendations. (T.A. & S.G.)


July 15, 2016: Monterey County Civil Grand Jury Criticizes Salinas City Elementary School District’s Handling of English Learners

(09:12) MONTEREY COUNTY - A Monterey County civil grand jury has released a report criticizing the Salinas City Elementary School District for failing to help improve the achievement of English learners. Over half of the students enrolled in the district’s 14 schools are considered English learners. According to the report’s findings, there are no aides to help support teachers in grades 2 through 6 and that students who are not English proficient by the end of 6th grade struggle to enroll in the higher level classes needed to succeed academically. The grand jury has made six recommendations, including hiring more teachers aides and providing on-site child care at school campuses. (S.G.)



July 15, 2016: Watsonville Woman Charged for Inflicting Injury on 4-Month-Old Child

(08:22) WATSONVILLE – A child from Watsonville is being treated for severe head injuries at a Bay Area hospital as a result of possible child abuse. Officials say following an initial investigation, police found the 4-month-old victim with injuries that were consistent with “Shaken Baby Syndrome”. Officers later identified the baby’s caretaker as 68-year-old Teresa Delgadillo. Investigators obtained evidence that suggested Delgadillo had physically inflicted injuries on the child when he was in her care. She was arrested and booked into Santa Cruz County Jail. Delgadillo has been charged with inflicting corporal injury on a child. (S.G.)