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The Annual Earth Day Celebration Took Place At San Lorenzo Park In Santa Cruz On Saturday -04/19/15-1748-PMD

The Annual Earth day celebration took place at San Lorenzo park in Santa Cruz on Saturday. The event has been held at the park since the 1970’s until it faded away and was revived in 2006. This year between 2500 and 3000 people attended the celebration which featured non profit and other informational booths that highlight sustainable green products and renewable energy. This year there was also a focus on water conservation in the face of the ongoing drought and water crisis.

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Santa Cruz Firefighters Were Able To Save A Burning Sanitation Truck On Friday -04/19/15-1718-PMD

Santa Cruz firefighters were able to save a burning sanitation truck on Friday. At about 9:30 a.m. fire crews responded to a report of a smoldering garbage truck near Natural Bridges. The operator had moved the vehicle to an open area, where fire men could battle the blaze inside the sanitation container. The fire was extinguished quickly once mechanics were able bypass damaged electrical opening circuits. The truck is expected to be repaired and returned to service.


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The Santa Cruz City Council Voted On Incentives For Under Permitted Granny Units. -04/19/15-1618-PMD

The Santa Cruz City Council voted on incentives for under permitted granny units. On Tuesday the council gave the owners of the city’s 80 known properties with cottages that are up to building code two years to obtain permits and move on to or sell the property. Under current law the property owner must live on the site. There was also a discussion of enticing property owners to lower the rents of the units to the affordable housing rates.


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Monterey County Leaders Held A Commemorative Event Remembering Murder Victims On Friday -04/19/15-1618-PMD

Monterey County Leaders held a commemorative event remembering murder victims on Friday. The memorial for victims of violent crimes was hosted by the District Attorney’s office as part Nation Crime Victim’s rights week. Monterey county has seen a rise in crime since the implementation of AB109 which realigned prisons and felony sentencing guidelines. Currently there are over 50 open murder investigations in the county.


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