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Local News

June 22, 2016: One Man Injured in Watsonville Fire

(06:14) WATSONVILLE - One man was injured in a fire that broke out in Watsonville Tuesday night. The blaze was reported around 10:30 p.m. at a residence on the 300 block of Manfre Road. Arriving firefighters evacuated nearby homes as they worked to contain the fire. One man was injured while attempting to rescue someone inside the burning home. He was airlifted to a Bay Area hospital for treatment. Shortly after, a second fire was reported nearby at a home on Atkinson Lane. Arriving crews were able to quickly contain the fire. No injuries or damage were reported. (S.G.)


June 21, 2016: Police Officer Funeral

(19:18) GILROY - A Gilroy  man,  who  died  last  week  while  on-duty  as  a  San  Jose  Police  Officer,  will  be  laid  to  rest  tomorrow  afternoon.  11-  year  veteran  of  the  force,  Michael Katherman  was  killed  when  his  motorcycle  was  struck  by  a  minivan  June  14th.  A  memorial  will  begin  at 11  a-m  at  the  s-a-p  center  with  thousands of  officers  and  officials  expected  to  be  in  attendance.  Tomorrow  afternoon  he  will  be  buried  in  the  Gavilan  Hills  Memorial  Cemetery.    People  are  invited  to  show  support for  his  friends  and  family  by  lining  the  motorcade  route….especially  along  First  Street and  Monterey  Road.   Katherman  is  survived  by  his  wife  and 2  young  sons.  


June 21, 2016: Man Accused Of Molesting Pre-K

(21:05) SANTA CRUZ - A  man  has  confessed  to  molesting  a  Santa  Cruz  pre-schooler,  and  Santa  Cruz  Police  Officers  are  now  working  to  determine  if  he  has  other  victims  in  this  area.     47  year-old  Timothy  Ritchison  faces the  molestation  charges  because  the  mother  of  the little  girl  discovered  video  evidence  of  what  Ritchison had done  with  her  daughter….and  she  called  the  police.  Santa  Cruz  Police  Detectives  are  still  looking  through the  evidence  they  have,   to  see  if  there  are  additional  victims. 

June 21, 2016: New Local Coastal Plan

(18:50) MONTEREY - Monterey  city  leaders  are  working  to  put  together  a  new  Local  Coastal  Plan.     To  that  end  they  want public input about  what’s  most important  to  individual  residents  and business  owners.    The reason  for  working  out  a  new  plan  for  the  area  now,  is  that  the  sea  level  is  expected  to  rise  about  5  feet  along  the  Southern  Monterey  Bay,  by  the  year  2100.    There  are 3  types  of  coastline  in  the  area,  and  all  3  require  different  solutions  to  mitigate  the  increase….and  some  of  those  could  be problematic  for  the  local  tourism  economy.  City  leaders  hope  to  have  a  new  L-C-P  written  by  next  March. 

June 21, 2016: Son Pleads Not Guilty

(18:40) GONZALES - A  47  year-old man  has  pleaded  “Not  Guilty”  to  killing  his  mother  over  this  past  weekend.   79  year-old  Maria  Rangel  Arias  suffered  a  fatal  slash  to  her  neck  on  Saturday,  while  she  was    in  her home in Gonzales.      Juan  Manuel  Garcia  Rangel,  who  lived  with  his  mother  on  Venice  Way,   has  been  charged  with  Felony Elder  Abuse  as  well  as  Murder.