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Third Watsonville McDonald's Approved- 10/15/14 7:00 S.S.

Although some Watsonville residents don't want a third McDonald’s in the city, city leaders have approved the changes that need to occur for a new McDonald’s to be constructed near downtown. It will likely be a 24-hour drive-through. The residents who don’t want it say they are “fighting obesity”, and the things that make over eating easier. The childhood obesity rate in Watsonville is 49.3 percent.

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Thousands on Covered California Cancelled- 10/15/14 08:00 S.S.

More than 10,000 California residents could lose their new health coverage. Covered California is notifying many people that they have not provided adequate information of their citizenship, and that if they don’t submit the appropriate documentation their health coverage will be terminated. People living in California illegally are not eligible for coverage under the federal health law.

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Cabrillo STARS Program Recognized- 10/14/14 19:00 S.G.

An academic program at Cabrillo College has been recognized by a national organization. The school’s Students Transitioning In Academics Reaching Success or STARS program has been selected as a finalist for the 2014 Examples of Excelencia. The initiative recognizes programs that are at the forefront of advancing educational achievement for Latino students.

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Santa Cruz County Chief Deputy Promotion- 10/14/14 18:00 S.G.

The Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office has announced the promotion of a new Chief Deputy. Craig Wilson has been promoted from Lieutenant and will manage the Corrections Bureau. Wilson previously served as a correctional officer in Soledad before joining the County Sheriff’s Office in 1988.

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Monterey Questions Cal-Am Water Rate System- 10/14/14 19:00 S.G.

Monterey Peninsula residents are questioning the rates implemented by the county’s water regulator. During a town hall meeting this week, customers asked Cal-Am officials to explain why they charge businesses and residents differently. The company began charging businesses a flat rate last Fall. Meanwhile residents remain on a tiered rate system. Cal-Am officials said the two systems give commercial and residential customers different incentives for conservation. The rate system will not be reviewed for at least another year.

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