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Local News

June 25, 2015: Monterey County Law Enforcement Investigating Shootings in Salinas, King City

(06:36) MONTEREY COUNTY - Police are investigating two shootings that occurred in Monterey County Wednesday. The first incident took place in Salinas near the intersection of North Main and East Menke streets. Responding officers recovered shell casings at the scene, but did not locate any victims. The second incident occurred in King City near San Lorenzo Park shortly after 1 p.m. Officers were dispatched to the scene after receiving a report of a gunshot victim. No victims were located. Witnesses reported seeing two men fleeing the area after the shooting. They have been described as Hispanic, in their 20s, between 5-foot-7 and 5-foot-9 and around 170 pounds. One was last seen wearing a light colored t-shirt and the other was wearing a brown, plaid long-sleeve shirt. Anyone with information regarding either shooting is encouraged to contact law enforcement. (S.G.)

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June 24, 2015: Santa Cruz 2015/16 Budget Approved

(09:30) SANTA CRUZ - The Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors has approved the 2015/16 budget. The budget has some increases in funding but overall is similar to the past few years. The general fund has gone up by almost 3 percent from last year. Sheriff Jim Hart will hire three new deputies, a sergeant, a deputy sheriff, and four part time correctional officers. Several new grants will also increase the funding for the Center for Public Safety, and the Rountree Detention Center and Juvenile Hall. The supervisors are hoping to plan for future decreases in funding, and creating a fund that they plan to add $10 million over the next 10 years. This year they are adding $3.5 million. The Health services Agency will be losing almost 3.5 million. (M.K.)

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June 24, 2015: California Assembly Judiciary Committee Passes Motion to Allow Immigrants to Serve in the Military

(08:47) SACRAMENTO - The State Assembly Judiciary Committee has passed a motion that seeks to grant immigrants the right to serve in the military. Resolution 19, introduced by Assemblyman Luis Alejo, passed the committee Tuesday. The proposal asks Congress to allow immigrants to serve if they are eligible for deportation relief. Over 1 million immigrants are currently eligible for deportation relief under the immigration policies approved by President Obama. (S.G.)


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June 24, 2015: Transient Pleads Not Guilty in Monterey Public Library Stabbings

(08:14) MONTEREY COUNTY - A transient accused of stabbing two homeless men in Monterey has pleaded not guilty to murder charges. The incident occurred behind the city’s public library on Friday. 32-year old Jesse Quiming is suspected of stabbing 40-year-old Scott Mendez Long and a 22-year-old. Long was pronounced dead at the scene. The 22-year-old victim was treated for non-life-threatening injuries. Quiming is due back in court June 30 for a preliminary hearing. (S.G.)


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June 24, 2015: Watsonville Man Found Guilty of Felony Burglary

(07:38) SANTA CRUZ COUNTY - A Watsonville man has been found guilty of felony burglary. 35-year old Armando Joel Zepeda broke into a residence on the 100 block of Roache Road in Watsonville last September. Police were dispatched to the scene after a witness reported seeing the burglar. Officers located Zepeda shortly after. He was found in possession of items stolen from the home. Zepeda faces up to six years in prison when he is sentenced July 20. (S.G.)


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