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Brown Vetoes School Start-Time Bill 09-20-18 16:40

Gov. Jerry Brown has vetoed a bill that would have established 8:30 AM is the earliest permissible school start-time in California.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and others have recommended schools start no earlier than 8:30 a.m. to help teens catch up on sleep.

Brown sided with opponents of SB328 who said local school boards, rather than the state, should decide what time their schools open. The California Teachers Association was also opposed.

Supporters had cited research that says delaying school start times could result in better grades, attendance and graduation rates.

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(PARK)ing in Monterey on Friday 09-20-18 15:25 DC

Alvarado Street in Monterey will look a bit different tomorrow as eight small parks spring up in what are normally downtown parking spaces.

The annual event – called PARK-ing (emphasis on PARK) takes place on the third Friday in September each year.

Eight parking spaces will be used during the event. Most will have city agencies showing what they do, but Jay Punkar of the Monterey City Manager’s office says two spaces will be as park-like as a parking space can be complete with green turf covering the pavement.

The fun will happen on Alvarado between Pearl and Franklin. Seaside will hold its PARK-ing event on Saturday.

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Repairs  are  scheduled  to  start  soon  on  storm-damaged  Sycamore  Canyon  Road  in  the  Big  Sur  area.    The  Monday  through  Friday  roadwork  will  mean  that  the  road will  close  at  6  a.m.  on  Mondays,  and  will  re-open  around  noon  or  1  p.m.  on  Fridays.   Road  repair  crews  will  provide  access  to  local  residents,  and emergency  services,  while  the  work  is  being done.    Because  the  Federal  Highway Administration  is  overseeing  these  repairs,  further  information  on  this  roadwork  can  be  found  by  going  on-line  to: 


or  by  calling  the  Monterey  Ranger  District.

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Injured Man In Court 09/20/18A 11:37 S.S.

During  his  first appearance  in  a  Santa Cruz County Court Room this  morning,  a  man  pleaded  not  guilty  to  a  variety  of  charges,  including  assault  with  a  deadly  weapon.    That  after  22  year-old  isaias  aguilar  allegedly  threatened  watsonville  police  officers  with  2  kitchen  knives  before  he  was  shot  by  one  of  those  officers.    He  also  faces  charges  of  assaulting  a  family  member.   Aguilar  could  face  7  years  behind  bars  if  he  is  found guilty  on  all  of  the  charges against  him.  

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Electric Scooters In SC 09/20/18A 11:00 S.S.

More  than  60  2-wheeled  scooters  were  impounded  from  the  streets  of  santa  cruz  this  week,  after  a  company  placed  them  there  without  following  the  correct  protocol.   The  electric  scooter  company,  called  bird,  is  now  trying  to  get  its  impounded  vehicles  back,   so  they  can  be  re-deployed.  Santa  cruz  city  officials  say  they  are  not  opposed to  the  alternative  transportation,  they  just  want  to  make  sure  that  appropriate  infrastructure  is  in  place  and  that  they  can  be  used  safely.

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