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Where to Get Free Food for Thanksgiving (from KION)

Here is where Central Coast families in need can pick up food ahead of Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving because of the pandemic's aftermath, more families than ever are expected to take advantage of help from food banks and various organizations.

Here is a list of those on the Central Coast stepping in to help make sure everyone gets a meal this holiday: https://kion546.com/news/2020/11/24/here-is-where-central-coast-families-in-need-can-pick-up-food-ahead-of-thanksgiving/

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SLV Water Replacing Lompico Tanks and 3.3 Miles of Pipeline 11-24-20 15:30 DC

The San Lorenzo Valley Water District (SLVWD) is in the process of replacing six undersized and leaking redwood tanks in Lompico, as well as of replacing 3.3 miles of pipeline that were deemed inefficient, ineffective (due to age and size), and undersized for fire flow in Ben Lomond and Boulder Creek.

Lompico Tank Project

The Lompico Tanks Project involves three tank sites with six tanks total that provide the main water storage and service for Lompico and nearby areas, referred to as Madrone, Lewis, and Kaski tank sites.

The Madrone tank site was completed in November and is now in use. The Lewis tank site has completed construction and is completing water quality sampling before being brought online for use. While the Kaski site is in the process of having its original tanks removed and will begin site grading in early December. 

The tank replacement project was funded through a $2.75 million assessment district as part of the SLVWD/Lompico consolidation project.

The 5-Pipeline Replacement Project

The Pipeline Replacement Project will increase the capacity for fire flow and improve water quality in the areas of Boulder Creek (Big Basin Highway - 236, Sequoia Avenue, and Hillside Drive) and Ben Lomond (California Drive and Quail Hollow Road).

The pipelines in Hillside Drive and Reynolds Drive has been constructed. The final steps of installing service laterals, fire hydrants and air relief valves has begun and should be completed mid-December 2020.

The pipelines in California Drive have completed the saw cutting of the trench line and potholing of existing services. Construction and installation of the mainline pipeline is in progress and estimated to be competed in January 2021. 

While the pipeline in Quail Hollow Road required additional environmental permitting. The draft Initial-Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration (IS-MND) will open for public review in early December with construction slated for Spring 2021.

For more information, call (831) 338-2153, or go to www.slvwd.com.

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Surf Advisory Into T-Day 11-24-20 10:42 S.S.

Surf  Advisory  is  in  effect  from  now  through  noon  on  Thanksgiving Day.   Large  northwest  swells  are  expected,  as are long  period  forerunners,  that  could  cause  sneaker  waves  and  stronger  rip  currents.    Swell  heights  are  expected  to  be 14  to  16  feet  at  16  to  19  second  intervals  tomorrow  increasing to  18  to  24  foot  waves  on  thanksgiving  morning.  The  large  swell  is  also  expected  to  continue  the  coastal  erosion  that  began  this  past  summer.

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1ST Death At Maple House II 11-24-20 09:55 S.S.

Maple  House  II  resident  in  her  mid-90’s,  with  other  significant  health  issues,   is  now  the  first  person  from  that  facility  to  have  passed  away  with  Covid-19 .     13  other  residents  and  11  staff  members  have  tested  positive  at  the  assisted  living  facility,  in  the   Live  Oak  area  of  Santa  Cruz.     There  are  currently  913  active  cases  of  the  virus  in  Santa  Cruz  county. 

This death brings the number of Covid-19 related deaths in the county to 28.


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Uptick Includes SB Co 11-24-20 09:03 S.S.

Along  with  the  recent  uptick  in  cases  of  Covid-19  around  the  country  (and  around  the state),  the  numbers  have  jumped  in  our  tri-county  as  well.    The  biggest  uptick (by  ratio)  is  in  San  Benito  county  where  last  month  there  were  12  active  cases  of  the  virus,  and  as  of  yesterday  there  are  now  121....with  113  of  those  reported  in  the  last  week.    Although  the  cause  of  the  cases  is  under  investigation,  so  far  most  transmissions  have  been  traced  to  be  from contact  between  people  in  the  same  household....with  a  close  second  being  contact  with  family  and  friends  outside  the  household.....such  as  dinner  gatheringsweddingsbaby  showers,  and  parties.

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