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California Bill on PSPS 1.13.2020 0750 js

A bill introduced in the California Legislature is targeting electric companies who turn off power in order to prevent wildfires.

The bill, introduced by state Senator Scott Wiener will require electric utilities to reimburse customers and local governments for costs affiliated with the loss of electricity.

This bill would also allow regulators to levy additional fines against a utility if the shutoff was deemed unreasonable.

In a letter from PG&E to lawmakers, the utility states the bill would put communities in a dangerous position where the utility has to choose between facing a fine or leaving electric services online during a heavy wind event, compromising safety.   

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Sonoma County Wine Spill 1.13.2020 0750 js

On Wednesday, a blending take door popped open and spilled nearly 100-thousand gallons of wine.

This incident took place at Rodney Strong Vineyards in Sonoma County.

While the spill has been stopped, an estimated 96-thousand gallons or less leaked into the Russian River.

While no deaths for fish have been reported, the wine and its acidity could kill insects that the fish use as food.

The winery at fault has been cooperating with investigators, and the exact cause of spill has yet to be determined.

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Gilroy Strong Resiliency Center Opening 1.13.2020 0650 js

 A new center is slated to open next week for survivors and those affected by the Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting.

Called the “Gilroy Strong Resiliency Center”, this location will offer trauma education and compensation, as well as counseling services.

When the center opens, District Attorney Jeff Rosen will provide a tour of the center and issue awards for the Justice for All high school art contest, featuring a theme dubbed “Gilroy Strong”.

The grand opening is January 28, located at the Neon Exchange, 7365 Monterey Road.

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Operation Snowflake 1.24.2020 0530 js

On Thursday, Caltrans has announced a new operation that can make your travels to Los Angeles easier in times of inclement weather.

Dubbed, “Operation Snowflake”, it is a plan that is activated when weather forecasters call for heavy snow at elevations of 4,500 feet or lower.

Maintenance crews work around-the-clock in order to keep Interstate 5 open through the Grapevine.

In the event of a freeway closure, Caltrans added a new median gate that is opened in order to turn travelers around prior to Tejon pass in an easier fashion.

If I-5 were to ever shut down for Operation Snowflake, travelers are typically advised to seek Highways 14 and 58 as an alternate route.

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Update: Former NPS grad, Marine vet died in fire tanker crash 01-24-20 01:03 DC

A graduate of the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey was among the three crew members killed when a firefighting air tanker crashed in Australia this week.

The crew members worked for a Canadian contractor, Coulson Aviation, an which owned the aircraft contracted to the New South Wales government.

Last night, Coulson released the names of the three dead Americans: Captain Ian H. McBeth, First Officer Paul Clyde Hudson and Flight Engineer Rick A. DeMorgan Jr.

Hudson lived in Arizona and graduated from the Naval Postgraduate School with a master's degree in both business administration and information technology management.  He spent 20 years serving in the US Marine Corps.

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