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SCPD Works to Stop Burglars 04-03-20 04:31 DC

SCPD Burglary Suppression Units are patrolling the City of Santa Cruz. They are looking for criminals skulking around at night looking into windows of closed businesses and prowling neighborhoods.

Police ask the community’s help by staying home. They also remind everyone that safety is a shared responsibility.


You are #SaferAtHome#COVID19

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Police Search for Missing SCCO Man 04-03-20 04:40 DC

James Littlefield was reported missing yesterday from the Seacliff Drive area of Aptos. James, who appears to be a middle-aged anglo, reportedly has undiagnosed dementia and is likely driving a 2014 black Jeep Cherokee. Please contact the Sheriff’s Office if he is located or you know of his whereabouts. His picture is posted on the Santa Cruz Sheriff's Office Facebook page.

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Monterey Ag Comish Wants More Worker Protections 04-03-20 04:20 DC

Monterey County’s ag commissioner is recommending additional steps to protect workers in the county’s largest industry from coronavirus.

Commissioner Henry Gonzales is now recommending that ag companies who bus their employees to the fields consider making multiple trips and limiting the number of workers on each bus.

Another plan would have workers skipping alternate rows and working in the same field twice to achieve more distancing.

Gonzales says big ag is a willing partner. Companies are working to keep their workforce safe from contracting and possibly spreading COVID-19.


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Officials Concerned Child Abuse Reports Down During Pandemic 04-03-20 03:50 DC

Child Protective Services workers in Monterey County are concerned that because of the stay-at-home order that cases of suspected child abuse are not being reported.

KION Television reports that prior to the order, CPS workers responded to an average of five urgent calls per day. Since the order began March 16th only an average of one urgent call is being received per day.

The concern is that people, like teachers, who are trained to detect child abuse are not interacting with children. Worse, some experts fear that actual abuse may have increased as families are forced to live more stressful lives due to COVID-19.

In Monterey County, please call 831-755-4661 to report any suspected child abuse. In Santa Cruz County, call toll-free 1 (877) 505-3299 or (831) 454-2273



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San Benito Gang Shooting Injures Man 04-03-20 03:30 DC

Four teens and an adult were arrested Wednesday night after a shooting that San Benito County sheriff’s deputies believe was gang-related. During the shooting, a person was hit by a bullet while inside their home.

19-year-old Brian Moreno was driving a red Nissan Rogue on 5th Street in San Juan Bautista. Occupants of the vehicle allegedly fired shots at a group of young men walking near Polk Street.

Nine shots were fired and several bullets hit a nearby home, one bullet injuring a resident who suffered a non-life-threatening injury.

Moreno, three 17-year-old boys, and a 17-year-old girl from Hollister were all arrested.

All five suspects were booked into the San Benito County Jail and charged with attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder, child endangerment and participation in a criminal street gang.


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