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September 14, 2017: Cuddle Volunteers Needed 

(08:20) Salinas - The neonatal intensive care unit at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital is currently seeking cuddle volunteers to help babies born addicted to drugs.   This need for volunteers comes within a rise of babies born with opiate addictions throughout the country.   These babies going through the systems of withdrawals require increased care and need to be consoled more than most newborns.   If you're interested in becoming a cuddle volunteer visit: svmh.com.

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September 14, 2017: Escalona Drive Burglary

(07:30) Santa Cruz - A Santa Cruz man has been arrested after allegedly breaking into multiple homes.  Police responded early Saturday to reports in the 600 block of Escalona Drive, where witnesses reported the man fled the scene after the residents made themselves know to the suspect.   A short time later Santa Cruz Police received a call from a homeowner in the 100 block of Hollywood Avenue who called to report another occupied residential burglary, by a perpetrator who matched the description of the original suspect.   40-year-old Terrance Alexander was taken into custody and booked in the Santa Cruz County Jail.


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UPDATED - Pedestrian Air-Lifted 09/13/17B 1605 A S.S.

An  81  year-old  man  was  hospitalized  this  afternoon,   after  he  was  hit  by  a  car  in  Aptos.     The  accident  occurred  shortly  before 4  p-m,   near  the  intersection  of  State  Park  Drive  and  Soquel  Drive.    The  man  reportedly  suffered  non-life-threatening  injuries,  and  is  being  treated  at  Dominican  Hospital.

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Flare-Up In Ballybunion Fire Site 09/13/17B 17:55 S.S.

Air  and  foot  patrols  knocked  down  a  flare-up  in  the  Ballybunion  Fire  area  today.   Although  the  fire  was  considered  100  percent contained,   a  smoldering  tree  flared-up  today around 4 p.m.     The  blaze  is  back  under   control,  and  the  area  is  being  monitored.

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Imjin Parkway Widening Project 09/13/17B 17:38 S.S.

Plans  for  the  Imjin  Parkway  Widening  Project  were  shown  off  at  a  meeting  in  marina  last  night.     The  project  includes  roundabouts,  bus  pullouts,  and  more  bicycle  lines.     By  2019,   the  City  Of  Marina  hopes  to  move  traffic  through  the  busy  corridor  more  smoothly.

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