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Santa Cruz County Deputies Seeking Woman in Connection with Hate Crime- 11/21/14 9:00 S.G.

Santa Cruz County Deputies are seeking a woman in connection with a case of vandalism in Live Oak this week. Officials say the individual sprayed-painted the Star of David on the front door of the Islamic Center of Santa Cruz on 17th Avenue early Wednesday morning. The woman appears in surveillance footage wearing a hoodie with the letters 'SC' on the front left side. She also spray-painted the number ‘26’ above the Jewish symbol. The graffiti may be in response to Tuesday’s attack at a Jerusalem synagogue, where two Palestinian men killed four rabbis. Deputies are investigating the incident as a hate crime.


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Anonymous Individual Claims Responsibility for Threat at Santa Cruz High School- 11/21/14 8:00 S.G.

Police and media have been in contact with an individual claiming responsibility for the threat at Santa Cruz High School this week. The campus was closed Wednesday after the principal received an email from someone threatening to commit a mass shooting. Yesterday, an individual claiming to have sent the email exchanged messages with the Santa Cruz Sentinel and police through four anonymous Twitter accounts and masked emails. The person, using aliases of Robert and Pierre, said he is 16, an honor student, and has no criminal record. He provided information matching the details of the original email threat. The individual also said he didn’t intend to commit the act, feels remorse, and is considering turning himself in. Officers were preparing warrants last night with a suspect in mind. Anyone with additional information is encouraged to contact Santa Cruz police.




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UCSC Students Protest Tuition Increases- 11/21/14 7:00 S.G.

UC Santa Cruz students organized a protest following the approval of tuition hikes yesterday. The system’s Board of Regents has approved a plan to increase university tuition by 5 percent for the next five years. The decision prompted UCSC students to organize an overnight sit-in at the Humanities and Social Sciences building. More protests are expected to take place campus-wide today.


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PG&E Fined for Gas Explosion in Carmel- 11/21/14 6:30 S.G.

PG&E has been fined over $10.5 million for a gas explosion in Carmel earlier this year. The blast in March destroyed an unoccupied residence. The California Public Utilities Commission released a statement yesterday, saying the company kept faulty records which failed to inform the crew working on the line. The regulator has launched an investigation, looking into PG&E’s recordkeeping. The commission gave the company permission to continue underground maintenance in Carmel last month.


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Santa Cruz Woman Arrested Following Domestic Disturbance- 11/20/14 20:45 P.M.D.

A Santa Cruz woman was arrested following a domestic dispute call in Capitola on Wednesday. Shortly before 4 p.m. police arrived at a Ruby Court residence to investigate a reported fight. A woman driving from the scene refused to stop for the officers and a chase ensued until the fleeing driver crashed into another vehicle on the 1200 block of 41st avenue, where she then fled on foot before being taken into custody. After an investigation of a severely beaten woman at the Ruby Court home, 40-year-old Melissa Angula was arrested and booked into Santa Cruz County Jail on assault with a deadly weapon, burglary, cruelty to a child, hit and run, along with obstruction charges.


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