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Former Monterey School Superintendant Sues City- 12/17/14 10:30 S.G.

A former Monterey school superintendent has sued the city while recovering from an injury she sustained after tripping in a pothole. In April, 58-year-old Marilyn Shepherd stepped into a hole on the 100 block of Webster Street. She fell and sustained a fractured left ankle and a sprained right ankle.  Shepherd has filed a legal claim against the city for $750,000, saying her injury to her left ankle will permanently limit her enjoyment of everyday activities. Her husband is asking for an additional $50,000 for the emotional distress he experienced when his wife was injured. The Monterey City Council has rejected the claim and maintains the city is not liable for any damages resulting from Shepherd’s fall.

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State Senate Leader Introduces Bill to Alter Pension Fund Investments- 12/17/14 9:00 S.G.

California’s Senate leader is introducing a bill that would prevent the state’s pension funds from investing in coal. Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León has proposed the legislation to steer state pension funds away from carbon assets and encourage instead an investment in low-carbon technologies. The bill will target state agencies including CalPERS, which is the largest pension fund in the country with nearly $300 billion in total assets. The legislation will be introduced next month.


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DGS Helps Open New DMV Offices- 12/17/14 8:00 S.G.

The Department of General Services has announced the opening of four new DMV offices across California. The new facilities have been opened as the DMV prepares to issue drivers licenses to over 1 million undocumented immigrants. The project has been completed before Assembly Bill 60 takes effect on January 1st. The new law will grant licenses to immigrants who submit identification from their home countries. One of the new offices is located in San Jose.


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Santa Cruz County Fair Officials Vote for Big Change- 12/17/14 7:00 S.G.

Santa Cruz County Fair officials made the decision this week to shave a day off the annual event. The funds saved from the cutback will be used for bigger entertainment acts and attractions. The board of directors also voted to increase ticket prices to help improve the fair experience. The 2015 county fair will be held September 16th-20th. For more information, visit santacruzcountyfair.com.

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Inmate’s Relatives File Lawsuit Against Monterey County Jail- 12/17/14 7:00 S.G.

Relatives of an inmate who died while being held in Monterey County jail have filed a federal lawsuit. According to sheriff’s officials, 33-year-old Jacob Parenti died on January 15th from a fatal drug overdose. An independent autopsy ordered by Parenti’s relatives revealed he died from the flu complicated by pneumonia. A wrongful death lawsuit is now being filed against the jail, citing inadequate medical care. The family is asking for reimbursement for general damages as well as funeral and autopsy expenses.

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