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Local News

June 21, 2017: Monterey Regional Airport    

(07:50) The Monterey Regional Airport delayed or cancelled some of the flights yesterday due to hot temperatures.  Staff at the Monterey Regional Airport stated that some planes are not able to take off when the temperatures are so high, because the air becomes thin that the wings on some planes can’t create enough lift to get airborne.  Temperatures are expected to be dangerous over the next few days.  For more information on flights visit: www.montereyairport.com


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June 21, 2017: Man Caught Trespassing        

(06:45) Soquel - A man was arrested after he was caught trespassing on Sunday.  The incident took place near Good Sheppard School in Soquel.  43 year-old Matthew Stevens was found to have a warrant for his arrest.  In his backpack, Deputies found an ounce of meth, concentrated cannabis, scale, and packaging materials.   Stevens was arrested for the warrant, drug sales, and illegal weapon possession.

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18 y/o With Gun Arrested 06/20/18B 18:51 S.S.

An  18  year-old  man  was  arrested  in  Santa  Cruz  this  afternoon,   in  connection  with  a  report  of  a  domestic  disturbance on Pearl Street.      During  a  pat-down  of  Norberto  Gonzales,   Santa Cruz  police  officers  discovered  a  loaded  .22  caliber  revolver.     Gonzales  was  booked  into  Santa  Cruz  County  Jail  (for  carrying  a  concealed  weapon,   and  resisting  arrest). 

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Kohut Suspended By Med Board 06/20/17B 18:52 S.S.

The  Medical  Board  Of  California  has  suspended  a  Santa  Cruz  brain  surgeon’s  medical license.      Doctor  James  Kohut’s  medical  licenses  were  already  suspended  in  Alabama  and  Arkansas.      Kohut  pleaded not  guilty  yesterday  to  11  felony  charges  of  sexually  abusing  children.   The  Santa  Cruz  county  judge  hearing the case decided  yesterday  that  Kohut  will  be  allowed  to  post  bail  after  his  Bail  Hearing  (which is scheduled  to  take  place June  28th).

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11 Year-Old Left On Bus 06/20/17B 17:51 S.S.

An  11  year-old  girl  was  left   behind  on  a  Monterey  School  Bus  yesterday,   when  the  bus  was  parked  for  the  school  day.       Bella,  who  has  autism,  was  picked  up  for  school,  but not delivered  to  her  classroom.      Instead,  the  bus  driver  (who  has  been  placed  on  administrative  leave)  failed  to  properly  perform  the  mandatory  sweep  of  the  bus before  parking  it  for  the  day,  and  the  aide  (who  was  busy  with  another  student  who  needed  extra  assistance  yesterday)  failed  to  make  sure  that  Bella  got to  class.      More  than  2  hours  later,   Bella  was  found  curled  up  in  the  back  of  the  bus.    

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