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Possible Mavericks Swell 03/21/19A 07:30 S.S.

There’s  still  some  hope  of  the   Maverick’s  Big  Wave  Surf  Contest   happening  this  year.       The  World  Surf  League’s  Big  Wave  Tour  Commissioner  said  there  are  potential swells  between  now  and  next  Tuesday.     The  window  for  the  Maverick’s  Big  Wave  Surf  Contest  will  close  March  31st.

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Wednesday Procession 03/21/19A 07:28 S.S.

A  procession  was  held  yesterday  morning,  in  honor  of  former  Marina  Police  Chief  Roger  Williams,   who  passed  away  last  week  at  the  age  of  76.    He had a 32–year career  in  law  enforcement  before  retiring  in  2001.  Williams  was  preceeded  in  death  by  his  son Ronald;  and  is  survived  by  his  wife  of  31  years,  as  well  as  his  4  children,  6  grandchildren,  and  8  great  grandchildren.  A  celebration  of  life  for  Roger  Williams  is  scheduled  to  be  held  at  the  Calvary  Baptist  Church  on  Seaside  Court  in Marina  this  Saturday....starting  at  1  p-m.   

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Two Men Accused Of Not Registering As Sex Offenders 03-21-19 16:24 DC

Two San Benito County men are being accused of not registering as sex offenders as required by law. 

San Benito County Sheriff's Office detectives found that 29-year-old Jonathan Fidone and 46-year-old Gaetano Addamo were not in compliance. 

The Sheriff's Office said it's unclear how long Fidone and Addamo lived in the community. Their status was discovered during a routine audit of the sexual offended registration system.

Both men were booked into the San Benito County Jail. 

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Salinas Marijuana Grow Robbed at Gunpoint 03-21-19 16:20 DC

A Salinas marijuana farm was robbed at gunpoint early today. Monterey sheriff’s deputies say that four armed suspects held up security guards at Harkins Grow on Encinal Road in Salinas. They escaped with dozens of mature marijuana plants they had loaded into a pickup truck.

No injuries were reported in the 2:45 AM incident. 

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Temporary Workers Have Longer Stays in Salinas 03-21-19 02:40 DC

In a major shift from its current program, the City of Salinas will now let temporary H-2A visa holders to stay in hotels and motels longer than before.

Right now, a 28-day limit is in place for worker housing, the change allows farm labor contractors to rent hotel and motel rooms for up to six months at a time, after which a six-month renewal is possible. That change could reduce the number of farm workers staying in overcrowded homes and congesting neighborhoods.

The program is intended for farm workers during the season, but the city says it could have some negative impact on housing tourists by making fewer rooms available to them.




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