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Gang Sweep 052318 0540 CM

The Salinas Police Department joined seven other law enforcement agencies in a sweep of gangs members on Monday. As a result, 17 people were arrested, including three murder suspects. The sweep aims to reduce violent gang crimes going into the summer.

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Monterey County Cannabis tax goes down 052318 0525 CM

Cannabis cultivators in Monterey County saw a break Tuesday night when the Board of Supervisors voted to reduce cultivation tax rates. In a 3-2 vote, the board approved dropping the tax to $5-a-square-foot for greenhouse growers and $8-a-square-foot for indoor growers. The rates are down from the original $15 per square foot and are set for the next two years, after which they could be readjusted based on a consumer index price.

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Free Tire Recycling In MCo 05/22/18B 18:39 S.S.

People  can  recycle  old  tires  for  free  for  the  next  few  days.     That’s  because  of  a  Cal-Recycle  program  that  runs  through  May  26th  in  Monterey  county.    Car  and  small  truck  tires (or  tires  and  rims),   can  be  dropped  off  at  the  Sun  Street  Center  in  Salinas,  the  Johnson  Canyon  Landfill  in  Gonzales,  or  the  Jolon  Road  Transfer  Station  in  King  City.

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End Of Life Option Act – cont’d 05/22/18B 18:20 S.S.

California  attorney  general  Xavier  Becerra  has  requested  that  an  appeals  court  block  a  southern  California  judges  decision  to  overturn  California’s  End  Of  Life  Option Act.    Becerra  requested  an  immediate  “Stay”,  and  the  “Reversal  of  last  week’s  ruling”,  so  that  people  who  are  within  their  final  6  months  of  life  can  ask  for,  and  get,  life-ending  medication  if  they  so  choose.

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Royal Oaks Man Died 05/22/18B 18:14 S.S.

The  cause  of  last  night’s  fatal  accident  in  the  Royal  Oaks  area  of  north  Monterey  county  is  still  being  investigated.   A  56  year-old  Royal  Oaks  man  died  after  his  motorcycle  hit  a  utility  pole  around  6:30 p-m  on  eastbound  Lewis  Road,  east  of  Vega  Road.    Although  the  motorcyclist  was  transported  to  an  area  hospital,  he  succumbed  to  his  injuries  a  short  time  later. 

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