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King City Police Audit 07/08/10 E.A.

An audit of the King City Police Department is being considered by the King City Council.  The proposal to have an outside consultant investigate the department comes after several complaints from residents criticizing the department’s performance.  The City Council will discuss and decide the need to hire an expert at their meeting on Tuesday night, at the city’s recreation center.

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king city shooting 7/8/10 TDH

a man was injured after being shot in king city last night.   the victim’s identity has not been released.   he was shot twice as he was getting into his car on the 13-hundred-block of cambridge avenue.   the man was struck in the leg and upper torso, and was transported to a bay area trauma center for medical treatment.   authorities believe 2-suspects are responsible for the shooting, but they have not made any arrests.    the assault is believed to be gang-motivated.

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ucsc expansion, water 7/8/10 TDH

a final environmental impact report was released yesterday, which analyses the expansion plans for u.c. santa cruz.   the university hopes to expand its student population over the next decade, to about 19-thousand, 5-hundred students.  that is expected to strain santa cruz water supplies, but only during drought conditions.   the report says that in normal water-years, the expansion would not have a significant impact.  a final public comment period is scheduled for 7 p.m. on august 3rd, at the santa cruz city council chambers on center street.  meanwhile, a group of residents is saying that it is premature to call this the final report on the campus expansion, arguing that their lawsuit objecting to the process has not been ruled on yet.  

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2-1-1 funding bill 7/8/10 TDH

a recently-launched hotline could expand, if congress approves a bill that would increase funding to the program.   the 2-1-1 hotline is operating in santa cruz county, and elsewhere in the san francisco-bay area.   by calling 2-1-1, people who are in distress can be matched with a social worker who can help them.  a bill authored by representative anna eshoo would authorize 100-million dollars per year for the program, through 2014.   the funds would be used to match money already allocated for the hotline by local governments or non-profits.   united way funds the 2-1-1 hotline in santa cruz county.

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ALL EGG SUPPLIERS - 07/07/10 23:05 S.S.

Out-of-state  egg  suppliers,   (who  wish  to  sell  their  products  in  california  grocery  stores)    will  now  have  to  comply  with  the  state’s  2  year-old  law,   that  is  said  to  protect  egg-laying  hens.   This  week  Governor  Schwarzenegger signed  ab-1437 into  law.     The  measure  requires  that  all eggs  sold  in  california  stores  come  from  farm’s  that  comply  with  Proposition  2,   which  california  voters  approved  in  2008.


Prop 2 requires  that  cages  for  egg-laying  hens  must  be  large  enough  for  the  animals  to  be  able  to  stand  uplie down,  and  extend their  wings.

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