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MONTEREY SCHOOL BOND 08-06-10 09:20 a.v.

A bond measure was agreed to be added to the November ballot this week to help improve school conditions in Monterey. The new measure, according to the Superintendent for the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District, would help provide funding for improving classrooms, school sites, along with providing more appropriate learning and teaching environments. If the 110-million dollar bond is approved by residents, school improvements may begin as early as January.


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UCSC RESEARCHER ON NPR 08-06-10 08:00 a.v.

An environmental studies researcher at U.C. Santa Cruz is slated to appear on National Public Radio today. Winifred Frick, a UCSC graduate, who is now a post-doctoral researcher, is conducting a new study which predicts a regional extinction of the common little brown myotis bat, in the Northeastern United States, is due to a newly discovered infectious fungus that causes hibernating bats to awaken early, lose fat reserves and die. Frick is set to be interviewed on a local NPR station at noon today during the program “Science Friday”.


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S.C. LAND TRUST’S NEW ACQUISITION 08-06-10 07:40 a.v.

45-acres of land has been acquired by the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County in an effort to focus on restoration projects. The new land acquisition, which is next to the Watsonville Slough west of Highway-1, includes plans to restore the wetlands and lease a portion of the land to farmers. The restoration projects are expected to benefit wildlife, improve water quality and help reduce flooding. The land sits next to 440 acres of land also purchased by the trust at the end of last year.


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PLEASURE POINT RESCUE 08-06-10 07:20 a.v.

An 80-year old man was rescued yesterday morning after falling from a cliff onto a Pleasure Point beach. Emergency crews responded to the just before 6 a.m. incident after the man was on East Cliff Drive, near Larch Lane, when he fell. Crews were able to hoist the man from the sand back to the road, he was air-lifted to an out-of-county trauma center where the extent of his injuries are unknown at this time.


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In an effort to receive state funding, officials in Santa Cruz County agreed to run tourist trains on the Union Pacific railroad yesterday. Yesterday’s decision follows recent demands by the state that county officials need to show a commitment to passenger trains if they want to receive state funding towards the rail line, which is slated to run from Davenport to Watsonville. However, the county’s planned 14.2 million dollar rail line acquisition depends on receiving 10.2 million dollars from the state in proposition 116 funds, which the state agreed to hand over once the county meets certain conditions.

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