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Take Back Santa Cruz 09/10/10 0800 E.A.

A local community group has announced a new plan to help keep Santa Cruz streets safer for only 10 dollars. Due to budget restraints, a number of neighborhoods in Santa Cruz have little or no lighting on the streets. Take Back Santa Cruz, an action group against violence, has proposed that an energy efficient light bulb on the front porch will only cost 10 dollars more a year on the electric bill. Public works as well as Santa Cruz Police are urging people to leave their porch lights on over night, as well lit areas reduce crime.

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County Planning Reform 09/10/10 0800 E.A.

A meeting was held yesterday at the Aptos Chamber of Commerce to announce the changes made by the new chief of the Santa Cruz County Planning Department. Kathy Previsich took leadership of the Planning Department 6 months ago, and in that time the planning department has streamlined staff, increased service hours, and hired new staff members. Previsich said that she plans to rewrite frustrating and complicated codes for the future.

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STATE IOUS MAY BE OCT. 09-10-10 08:30 a.v.

The state controller announced yesterday that IOUs, that had been anticipated for earlier this month, may be issued next month instead. Controller John Chiang announced that August cash totals were sufficient enough to remove the immediate threat of IOUs until early October, if the state should continue without a budget. After 3 months without a spending plan, Chiang urges the governor and lawmakers to break the budget gridlock as California continues to deal with an estimated 19-billion dollar budget shortfall.


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S.C. SOCCER PLAYER ARRESTED 09-10-10 08:00 a.v.

A Santa Cruz soccer player was taken into custody this week on a child molestation charge. 37-year old Jose Antonio Santana was found by the Live Oak victim’s mother in the backseat of his car in a reported compromising position with her 14-year old daughter. Santana was arrested around 1:45 p.m. Wednesday on the 100 block of Plymouth Street in Santa Cruz. The 2 are said to have met while playing soccer. Santana, who is not suspected of having sex with the girl, was arrested on one count of child molestation as well as an immigration hold.


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A new Watsonville High School principal was announced this week. 50-year old, Elaine Legorreta, who was named on Wednesday, began her teaching career at Watsonville High in 1997 as a student teacher, taught social studies and coached other teachers there. She’s been an assistant principal for the past 4 years. Legorreta, who also graduated from Watsonville High in 1978, replaces Murry Schekman, who was promoted earlier this year to assistant superintendent in charge of secondary schools.


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