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Salinas Woman Gets 5 Years in Tax Scheme 03-21-19 17:17 DC

A Salinas woman has been sentenced to 5 years in federal prison and ordered to repay more than $1.6 million stolen from taxpayers.

The US Department of Justice said that in 2017 Jacqueline Ramos of Salinas plead guilty for her part in a scheme to submit false claims against the United States. Three other individuals were also charged,

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One Day Strike At U.C.S 03/21/19A 11:00 S.S.

A  one-day  strike  took  place  on  U.C. Campuses,  and  at  their  hospitals,  yesterday.    10-thousand  members  of  University  Professional  And  Technical  Employees-Communications  Workers  Of  America  (better  known  as  u.p.t.e.)  Say  they  have  issues  with   their  pay,  the  cost  of  their  health  care  benefits,  and  the benefits  themselves.     The  University  Of  California  System  includes  10  campuses5  medical  centers,  and  3  national  laboratories.    

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Fort Ord Re-Use Authority 03/21/19A 10:30 S.S.

Although  the  fort  Ord  Re-Use  Authority  is  supposed  to  sunset  in  the  summer  of  2020,   the  Monterey  County  Board  Of  Supervisors  has  voted  to  support  a  draft  proposal  of  a  modified  version  of  F.O.R.A. ....to  continue  past  that  sunset  date.     The  new  version  of  F.O.R.A.  would  be  charged  solely  with  overseeing  the  completion  of  projects  already  in  progress, and  would  not  have  a  Sunset  date.

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No Pure Water Monterey Exp 03/21/19A 10:09 S.S.

California  American  Water  Company  no  longer  plans  to pursue  the  expansion  of  Pure  Water  Monterey.     That’s  because   its  proposed  Monterey  Peninsula  Desalination  Project  is  still on-schedule,  and  so  that  back-up  plan is  no  longer  needed.       The  feasibility  of  a  public  buy-out  of  Cal-Am’s  local  water  system  is  being  analyzed.

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Trial Readiness Conference 03/21/19A 08:50 S.S.

A Trial  Readiness  Conference  has  been  scheduled  for  Miguel  Castaneda,  who  is  accused  of  killing  Victor  Vasquez  Lopez.    The  coroner  found  roughly  100  snake-shot  pellets  in  Lopez’   skull  and  body.    The  Trial  Readiness  Conference  is  slated  to  be  held  July  17th.

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