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BOB SINSHEIMER – OBIT 04/25/17B 18:50 S.S.

A  man  who  was  the  Chancellor  Of  U.C – Santa  Cruz  for  10  years, and  left  a  lasting  legacy  in  the  scientific  world,  has  passed  away.      Bob  Sinsheimer,  who  was  in  his  late  90’s,  died  Saturday.   His  family  asks  that  people who would  like  to  contribute  money  in his  name,  make  the  donations  to  the  U.C.- Santa  Cruz  Foundation.   A  memorial  service  is  being  planned.


Additional Units Proposed 04/25/17B 18:20 S.S.

The  owners  of  a  parcel  on  the  West  Side  of  Santa Cruz  have  applied  to  build  some  new  structures  on their  property.       The  “Court  Of Mysteries”  is  located  on  Fair  Avenue.  Because  the  owners  want  to  construct  more  housing  units  on  the  Historic  Landmark  Property,  they  will  have  to divide  the land into 2  parcels.      One  is  slated to have  a Single-Family  Dwelling,  with  an Accessory  Dwelling  Unit  (over  the  garage);  and  the  other  would  have  3  condominiums.


Winter Damage In MCO 04/25/17B 17:03 S.S.

The  winter  storms  did  an  estimated  60  million  dollars in damage   in  Monterey  county,  and  a  new  Storm  Response  Plan  has  been  approved  by  Monterey  county supervisors.   There are  now  2  lists  of  prioritized  projects….that  are  separated  by  which  can  be  done  this  fiscal  year,  and which  will  have  to wait until  next fiscal  year.  Some of the projects, that are expected to be worked on between now and June 30, include the following 4:

- Palo Colorado slope erosion repair and pipe replacement at rocky creek

- Elkhorn Road repair and restoration

- Cachagua Road repair

- pavement patching and repairing of a variety of sinkholes


3 Injured In Morning Crash 04/25/17B 17:00 S.S.

3  people  suffered  serious  injuries  in  a  4-vehicle  crash  during  this  morning’s  commute.      The accident  took  place  when  the  driver  of  a car    on  Hall  Road  in  Las  Lomas,   tried  to  pass  a  truck  and ended  up  colliding with  another  vehicle  head-on.    One  of  those  2  vehicles  then  crossed  into  the  other  lane  and  was  t-boned  by  a  4th  vehicle.


April 25, 2017: Women Alive Shelter Needs Donations

(09:50) Salinas  - A Salinas Women’s shelter is scheduled to close at the end of the month.   The Women Alive shelter says the closure is due to a lack of funding.   The shelter is located inside Dorothy’s Place, a hospitality center for the homeless. The shelter serves more than 200 women a year and provides shelter to more than a dozen.   The goal is to have the shelter reopen in two months.  In order to reach that goal, the staff needs to raise $50,000.  If you'd like to help Dorothy's Place raise money for the Women Alive shelter visit: www.dorothysplace.org.  


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