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W.V. Armed Robberies 02/21/11 3:45pm TDH

Multiple armed robberies occurred in Watsonville last night, and authorities are investigating whether or not the incidents were connected.   The first hold-up happened at 9:10 p.m., when 3-suspects demanded money from a 28-year-old man on the 1-hundred block of Lassen Way.  1-of the suspects had a handgun, and the robbers fled with personal items.  About 15-minutes later, 3-victims were robbed at gunpoint by a single suspect.  That incident occurred on the 1-hundred block of Sudden Street.    And shortly after, at 9:30 p.m., a 46-year-old man was held up near the corner of East Lake Avenue.   No injuries were reported in the incidents.  No arrests were made, and anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Watsonville Police Department.


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AT-RISK FREMONT WOMAN FOUND 02-21-11 12:20 a.v.

An at-risk woman who went missing after walking away from her family at a Carmel beach yesterday (sun), has been found. Fremont resident, 72-year old Augusta Tsu Tsui, who is said to be suffering from dementia, was found by Monterey County Sheriff’s search and rescue team last night.


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MAVERICKS MAY BE A NO-GO 02-21-11 11:30 a.v.

Forecasters of the Northern California Big Wave Contest, known as Mavericks, say surfers may have to wait another year to compete. The official window of time for the contest to occur at the break called Maverick’s, closes on February 28th. Event forecasters say the right combination of swell, wind and weather will most likely not come together before then. Organizers say a complex series of meteorological events needs to happen for the large waves of Mavericks to be of a height and quality for the contest to occur.

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UCSC BAT POPULATION STUDY 02-21-11 11:30 a.v.

A scientist at U.C. Santa Cruz is working to study the behavior of bats by using mobile storm-chasing radars. Bat professor and post doctoral researcher in environmental studies at U.C. Santa Cruz, Winifred Frick, has joined with meteorologists at the University of Oklahoma to follow swarms of bats each night by using weather data collected with radars to study bat populations. The bats allegedly appear as “blooms” of radar reflectivity, and are able to provide scientists with clues to their daily behavior.

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The president of Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System was honored with 3 separate awards this month. Sam Downing, the President and C-E-O of S-V-M-H was inducted into the U-C-L-A School of Public Health Alumni Hall of Fame on February 2nd. He was also honored this week by the Rotary International with it’s Service Above Self Award, along with being named president of the statewide District Hospital Leadership Forum, a group working to improve government reimbursements for hospital services.

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