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S.C. COUNTY TOBACCO LICENSE 03-22-11 19:30 a.v.

Santa Cruz County retailers will soon have to get a license to sell tobacco. The unanimous vote this afternoon, came from the Santa Cruz Board of Supervisors in an effort aimed at preventing minors from buying cigarettes. A recent survey showed that county retailers were failing to follow laws prohibiting sales to those under the age of 18. The new license applies to all of the county’s 104 retailers who sell cigarettes, and the license is expected to cost $318 per year.


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MAMMOTH BONES FOUND IN MCO 03-22-11 19:30 a.v.

The bones of a juvenile Columbian mammoth were found somewhere in Monterey County about 3 weeks ago. According to an Archaeologist with California State Parks, the remains are the first recorded discovery in Monterey. Crews are expected to remain at the undisclosed location for another few weeks.



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California Governor Jerry Brown announced his appointment today of former California Assemblywoman Anna Caballero as Secretary of the State and Consumer Services Agency. Caballero represented the 28th District in the California Legislature. From 2000 to 2006, she was the executive director of Partners for Peace, a nonprofit specializing in violence prevention work. Caballero also served as mayor of Salinas from 1998 to 2006, and was on the Salinas City Council from 1991 to 1998.




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S.C. ENTIRE HARBOR SET TO REOPEN 03-22-11 17:30 a.v.

Officials with the Santa Cruz Small Craft Harbor plan to reopen all boat traffic tomorrow morning. Today’s announcement comes after crews determined water depth for the main channel is acceptable, and no submerged hazards remain. The final 2 of the 14 submerged vessels, were removed yesterday. The decision to reopen the harbor was made after a National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration survey of the harbor floor found that travel through the harbor is safe only for vessels with a draft of 6-feet or less. The launch ramp will, however, remain closed, but is expected to reopen Thursday.The harbor is expected to reopen at 8 a.m.


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SV ROCKSLIDE – UPDATE 03-22-11 17:30 a.v.

Engineers in Scotts Valley are trying to determine how to remove an avalanche of sandstone that isolated at least 26 homes as of Monday afternoon. The rockslide happened around 2 p.m. off Nelson Road near Skymeadow Lane. The 100-feet wide and 200 feet long pile of rock and mud slid down a hillside, leaving a 30-foot-deep pile of debris covering Nelson Road. Authorities today began widening a trail for all-terrain vehicles to reach those trapped inside the  homes.

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