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UPDATE: Explosion In SC Mtns 08/15/17B 14:17 S.S.

The  man,  with  the  exclusive  use  of  the  shed  in  which  yesterday's  glen  canyon  area  explosion  took  place,   is  being  sought.‎     Santa Cruz  county  sheriff's  deputies  wish  to  question  57  year-old  Ray  Mosier  Junior  in  connection  with  what  appears  to  have  been  a  hash  oil  lab  being  operated  in  the  shed.     The  pressurized  gas  material  commonly  used  in that  process  can  become  volatile,   as  it  appears  to  have  done  in  yesterday's  case.

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Two men were put into custody this morning after police responded to a report of shots that occurred in Watsonville Tuesday night. Several shots were fired after Ryan Delanda, and his brother Omar Delanda, were involved in a fight with Ryan’s girlfriend.     An hour later officers located their car near Riverside and Lakeview Drive, and found two loaded firearms, one which was stolen. Kenneth Minnehan and Ryan Delanda were found in the car and booked into Santa Cruz County Jail this morning, but Omar Delanda has not yet been located.

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Assemblyman Mark Stone helped  a student get readmitted to her first choice college, University of California at Irvine.      Isabella Bettencourt’s acceptance was first declined after UC Irvine stated that a specific course had not been properly recorded to the university, although this course was not required to be accepted.     Bettencourt, a graduate of Mount Madonna School in Watsonville, contacted Assemblyman Mark Stone when she found out her acceptance was revoked.     Stone organized a phone call with UC President Janet Napolitano and other people to get the issue cleared-up.    


The Bettencourts thanked stone for turning around the situation and helping their daughter be re-admitted into university.

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The California superior court ruled that Monterey County violated the California Environmental Quality Act by failing to evaluate their contract with the Wildlife Services program….. Which relocates and kills some native California predators.      The court determined that there is no evidence showing that predator control would not result in environmental damage.     88 percent of the animals that wildlife services handles are dispersed,  but 11 percent are killed.


According to the Center for Biological Diversity,  Monterey Wildlife Services has killed three mountain lions,  two bobcats,  and 105 coyotes in Monterey County between June 2014 and June 2015.

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Cal Am customers,  whose water bills were in the upper tiers,  will be at the center of this week’s state public utilities commission hearing.     Commissioners will determine if the company should be penalized for improper water fees according to the residential allotment system.    Water bills showed massive increases between 2010 and 2014,  and mostly hurt the higher-use customers (who had more residents in their homes and were honest about the amount of people in the household).     The CPUC conducted a hearing to determine if Cal Am will be fined for this discrepancy;  but will wait until this Thursday and Friday’s hearings in San Francisco,  to make this determination.   


A potential fine for Cal Am could be from  3.1  to  310 million dollars based on this week’s testimony.  

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