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MCo Burn Scar Evacuations/Highway 1 Closure 12-12-21 21:30 S.S.

Evacuations have been announced for the burn scar areas of both the Dolan and River Fires. There is also a High Wind Advisory in effect, and Highway 1 has been closed between Deetjen's Big Sur Inn and Ragged Point. Once the current Atmospheric River is done in the area, engineers will check Highway 1, do any necessary repairs, and then re-open the ciastal highway.

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SC and M Counties' Indoor Mask Mandates 11-21-21 19:15 S.S.

  • In Santa Cruz county an indoor mask mandate goes into effect tomorrow (Sunday) night....including in peoples' homes if people who do not live their are present.
  • In Monterey county, this past week County Supervisors decided to cancel the county Health Officer's Indoor Mask Mandate (although the numbers of cases of Covid-19 are still up in Monterey county).

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Time Change - Fall of 2021

The return to Pacific Standard Time took place at 2 o'clock this morning.  For those of you without timepieces (and cell phones)  that do that automatically, that meant/means that you will need to change those manually. As the saying goes "Spring Ahead, and Fall Back.....meaning you will need to roll those un-changed devices to 1 hour earlier (at Time Change 2:00 a.m. became 1:00 a.m.).

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Recall Ballots Mailed In SC Co 08-14-21 20:13 S.S.

The following information is from the Santa Cruz Elections Department:

Voters – Check Your Mailbox for your Ballot and Voter Guide

Voters will begin to find election materials for the September 14, 2021, California Gubernatorial Recall Election in their mailboxes this week.

Due to changes in the California Elections Code in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, ballots have been mailed to all voters in Santa Cruz County to promote safe voting from home. The ballot is in a 9.5 by 6-inch envelope with a big blue XO on the flap.

“We wanted something easy to spot in the piles of mail we all get,” County Clerk Tricia Webber said. “So, we are mailing every voter a hug and a kiss with their ballot.”

Inside voters will find their ballot and instructions on how to mark their choices and how to return the ballot. Voters may drop off their ballot in one of the 15 ballot drop boxes installed throughout the county, or walk it in to one of our staffed drop box locations, or mail it in the postage paid envelope. Ballots postmarked on or before Sept. 14 and received by the Sept. 21 will be considered received on time under a new California state law.

The State Voter Information Guide is being mailed by the Secretary of State to all households where there is a registered voter. The State is currently in the process of mailing this guide has mailed to some addresses in Santa Cruz County. The State Voter Information Guide contains the candidate statements for the replacement candidates, and it can be found online as well.

Both the state and county voter guides are also available online at www.votescount.us along with candidate statements and information on the local measures. Voters can also go online to find the locations of the ballot drop boxes.

While ballots are being mailed to all voters, there will also be in-person voter services at several locations and days. Voters may go to one of these locations to get a replacement ballot, turn in their voted ballot, vote an accessible or Spanish ballot on the tablet, or obtain any other voter service. On Monday, Aug. 16 voting begins at the Santa Cruz County Clerk/Elections Department located at 701 Ocean Street, Room 310 in Santa Cruz, and the Watsonville City Clerk’s Office at 275 Main St., 4th Floor (6th floor of the parking garage) in Watsonville. The VoteMobile will also offer voter services at various locations across the county. Check www.votescount.us for the schedule. Locations are added daily.

Starting Sept. 11, an additional 17 voting locations will be open in the county until 8pm on Tuesday, Sept. 14. Locations and hours are inserted with voter’s ballot. Since the printing, there have been some additional locations added. Contact the office or go online to www.votescount.us for an up-to-date list of locations.

The last day to register to vote in the Sept. 14 election is Monday, Aug. 30. Voters can register online at www.registertovote.ca.gov or pick up a card at any post office, library, city hall or county elections office. Voters can ask for a card to be mailed to them by calling 831-454-2060.

For more information, please contact the County Clerk/Elections Department at 831-454-2060 or visit us online at www.votescount.us.

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Palace Art To Close in 2022 08-07-21 07:45 S.S.

Palace Art and Office Supply in Capitola is now scheduled to close early next year. That announcement was made this week, just 8 months after the management of the company closed the doors of their downtown Santa Cruz store.....moving everything into the Capitola store.

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