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Prosthetic Leg Falls From Sky, Returned to Owner 04-23-19 17:40 DC

Sonoma County deputies received an odd call this week, reporting a prosthetic leg that was found at a Cloverdale lumber yard. The deputy gathered the leg and called people at a nearby airport.

Here’[s what happened: An amputee went skydiving and his leg fell off in mid-flight from about 10,000 feet up. Deputies found the skydiver and returned the leg.

But there is more to the story. A post made by the Department says, "Great guy, full of humor who said he lost his first leg in a freak skydiving accident two years ago but that hasn’t held him back. He jokingly quipped that this was his second leg lost while skydiving. He was thankful to get his $15k leg back and was even more thankful it didn’t land on anyone or break anything. He promises to make a tether and learn from this but fully plans to stick with his passion. Deputies wished the man good luck and congratulated him on his great spirit.

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Two Children Found Living in Cages 04-23-19 17:00 DC

Police in Modoc County has arrested the parents of two boys found living inside cages bolted to a bedroom wall have been arrested for child endangerment.

Modoc County deputies arrested 25-year-old Ramon Zendejas and his girlfriend, 25-year-old Mercadies Williams on Friday.

Deputies went to a home in Tulelake to execute a search warrant for illegal firearms when they found the boys, both under two years old.

Deputies also found evidence of a butane honey oil lab, as well as three guns and ammunition.

The children were turned over to social services and the adults jailed on illegal firearms possession and child endangerment charges.


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No Homeless Camp Closure, Yet 04-23-19 16:00 DC

KION Television is reporting that the movement of a Santa Cruz homeless encampment is being put on hold following a federal court order.

The Santa Cruz City Council had been making a decision about closing the Gateway Plaza camp when the announcement was made this afternoon/Tuesday afternoon.

The council  must now wait to take action until a hearing on Friday.


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Straw ban 4/23/19 ci 6a

If it’s not biodegradable, then sippers in Monterey are just going to have to suck it up… without a plastic straw!

Monterey city officials banned plastic straws and disposable plastic food service ware… and to show their support for the environment they did it yesterday on earth day.

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Monterey Roadwork Ci 4/23/19 5a

Measure ‘p” funds are hard at work in monterey this week.

Many of the city’s most popular streets will be resurfaced starting today… the roadwork starts up at 7-am and will shut down around 7-pm. The project is expected to be finished by friday.

The list of streets is too long to mention but some of the major roads include:

Del Monte Avenue, Camino Aquajito, Camino El Estero, Pacific Street and Fremont Street.

Drivers should be aware of street closures, parking restrictions and delays.  Measure p is a sales tax measure in Monterey that funds street repair.

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