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Mayor Of Alvardo St – Obit 11/21/19A 07:43 S.S.

The  un-official  “Mayor  Of  Alvarado  Street”  in  Monterey  has  died.   Mike  Marotta,  Sr  is  said  to  have  passed  away  peacefully  at  home  on  Sunday at  the  age of 98.    He  was  born  in  1921  during  the  Warren  Harding  Administration,  and  played  the  accordion  with  his  band  at  Monterey  Airport,  when  Senator  Robert  Kennedy  visited  Monterey  in  1968.  “Pops”  Marotta  performed  at  more  than  70  festivals,  and told  his  kids  (Mike  Marotta, Jr.  and  Judi),  that  he  might  not  be  the  best  accordion  player,   but  he  wanted  to  be  the  best  performer....someone  who  put  smiles  on  people’s  faces.    His  kids  said  he  certainly  did  that  with  his  friendliness,  music  and  stories.....and  that  they  “definitely  hit  the parent  lottery  with  him”.   Funeral  services  for  the  un-official  mayor  of  Alvarado  Street,  Mike  Marotta  Senior,  are  slated  to  be  held  on  December  7th....starting at  2  p.m.  at  Cypress  Community  Church  in  Monterey.

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Recall Effort Sigs Validated 11/21/19A 06:48 S.S.

The  Santa  Cruz  County  Elections  Office  has  validated  the  signatures  on  the  petition  to  recall  2  Santa  Cruz  City  Councilmen.     The Santa  Cruz  City  Council  has  14  days  to  certify the  count,   and  will  be  asked  to  do  so  at  its regular  meeting  Tuesday,  as  well  as  setting  an election  date.     Voters will be asked to separately vote “yes”  or  “no”  if  Christopher  Krohn  and/or  Drew  Glover  should be  removed  from  office.     

Recall  supporters will  need  to  garner  more  than  50%  of  the vote  to  oust  either  of the  2  men.

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No motive in Salinas Killing 11-21-10 04:00 DC

Salinas police say they still don’t have a motive for the Tuesday stabbing death of a pregnant 26-year-old woman. But they say Mariana Jurado was describing the suspect to officers while she was being treated at the scene. Her husband also followed the suspect and reportedly led officers to 43-year-old Garrett Scheff, who now faces two counts of murder for the killings of mother and child

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World Pancreatic Cancer Day (11/21) 11-21-19 00:00 DC

Today (Thursday) is World Pancreatic Cancer Day which seeks a cure for a disease with only a 9-percent survival rate after five years. KSCO’s David Coursey is a pancreatic cancer survivor and shares these warning signs, one of which may have saved his life.

“Part of the reason for the low survival rate is that most patients are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer only after cancer has progressed significantly. By that time, patients may survive for only weeks or months.

“Important warning signs include stomach pain, mid-back pain, unexplained weight loss, nausea and loss of appetite, indigestion, changes in stool, and new-onset diabetes. And last, there is jaundice in which my yellow skin and eyes led doctors to diagnose pancreatic cancer when my tumor was still small and had not spread.”

More information at worldpancreaticcancerday.org or pancan.org.

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Second Murder Charge Filed 11-20-19 18:00 DC

KION Television reports that the suspect in the stabbing death of a pregnant woman in Salinas has now been charged with a second count of murder.

The suspect, 43-year-old Garrett Scheff, is accused of attacking 26-year-old Mariana Jurado on Tuesday morning as she was leaving for work.

The sister-in-law of Jurado confirmed to the TV station that Mariana was two months pregnant.


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