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Newsom Announces Aid for Workers, Small Business, and Jobs Site 04-02-20 15:38 DC

Governor Newsom today signed an executive order that restricts water shutoffs to homes and small businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Governor said his order will protect those who may not be able to pay for their water service from shutoffs.

Newsom also announced that beginning tomorrow (Friday), small businesses may apply for a loan from the federal government of up to $10 million. Business owners are encouraged to contact their lender for more information on the first-come, first-served program.

Newsom also said the state will be giving $50 million to the California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank for loan guarantees to small businesses.

Also, new today is OnwardCa.org, a platform that connects displaced workers with more than 70,000 job opportunities in critical industries.

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Some May Wait 60 Days for Stimulus Checks 04-02-20 15:18 DC

Right now, federal stimulus payments are expected to begin mid-month, unless the IRS lacks your direct deposit information. Those unfortunate people may not receive a paper check until August or even later.

That's according to a memo obtained Thursday by The Associated Press.

The document from the House Ways and Means Committee says the IRS will make about 60 million payments to Americans through direct deposit in mid-April, likely the week of April 13.

Papers checks will start being issued in early May, but the process could take many weeks.


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Virtual Town Hall On Monday 04-02-20A 15:05 S.S.

A  joint  Town  Hall  meeting,  for  Salinas  and  north Monterey county  is  scheduled  to  be  held  on  the  ZOOM on-line  service  on  Monday.   It  is  slated  to  include  a  report  from  several  city  and  county  officials  talking  about  Covid-19.  Participants  can  log  into  Zoom.us  or  call  (669) 900-6833.  The 9-digit  Meeting ID number  is  posted  on the  KSCO website (at the bottom of this story), which is  on the Local News page  at  the bottom  of  the  story  titled  “Virtual  Town  Hall On  Monday”.

                                                Meeting ID#:  941 549 679

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Vacation Rentals Under Order 04-02-20 11:34 S.S.

As per this week’s Santa Cruz county Shelter-In-Place Order,  All vacation bookings not currently in effect should be cancelled through at least May 3rd.  That’s because in order to reduce the impacts of Covid-19 in the community, vacation rentals, (including those rented through AirBnB, VRBO and/or other similar  platforms), are not allowed to operate as such under the revised Order issued this week by Santa  Cruz  County Health Officer Dr. Gail Newel.   Under the Order, only essential businesses are allowed to operate, and travel is prohibited unless for essential services or purposes. Although vacation rentals may not be used for their normal purpose, the may be allowed to be used to provide:

  • housing for emergency and public safety personnel.
  • housing for traveling medical personnel.
  • housing for other essential workers.
  • housing for families attending to the critical medical needs of local



Vacation rentals should not be used by their owners to shelter in place if they have to leave another county to come here. Current vacation rental occupants are encouraged to return home unless they have no other place to go or are unable to safely travel.

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Fee Or No Fee In PG 04-02-20 09:52 S.S.

The Board Of  Trustees for  the  Pacific Grove Unified School District  is  scheduled  to  meet  (virtually)  this  evening  to discuss  whether  a  proposed  fee  should be  put  into place  or  not.  That’s  potentially a  contentious  decision  given  that  voters  approved  a  new  (30  million  dollar)  school  bond  last  month.   A  link  to  this  evening’s  meeting  should now  be  available  on  the  LiveStream platform.

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