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Surfing Named California’s State Sport 08-20-2018 16:05 DC

Surfing is now California’s state sport…and it’s the law. That’s after governor Jerry Brown announced today that he has signed a bill making the proclamation.

Surfing is “an iconic California sport” the new law says, but it admits surfing was imported into California from Hawaii and originated in Polynesia.

The law claims California is the heart of the surfboard building industry…reminding us that the neoprene wet suit and surf forecasting both originated here in the Golden State. California enjoys 11-hundred miles of coastline.


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Salinas PD Has New Dog 8-20-2018 17:15 DC

The Salinas Police Department has a new canine officer going out on patrol…it’s not a German Shepherd Dog or other traditional police breed. The canine, named Buddy, used to belong to an elderly man and became a comfort dog after the man died.

Buddy goes out on patrol…and once a police call calms down and everything is under control…Buddy is available for snuggles.

Buddy—who is a she—is a very calm dog, just the animal to bring comfort to officers and the community. This is a pilot program which may be expanded if Buddy is a success.

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Millar Denied Bail 08/20/18A 11:34 S.S.

A  man  who  is  accused  of  shooting  at  2  women  in  Aptos  last  Wednesday  has  been  denied  bail.    57  year-old  Ralph  Millar  is  accused  of  shooting  at  the  women,   injuring  1  of  them.   He  then  barricaded  himself  in  his  home  for  15 hours,  before  surrendering.    Millar  is  scheduled to  return  to  a  Santa  Cruz  county  court  room  September 10th  for  his  arraignment.

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3 Ca Fires Update 08/20/18A 09:40 S.S.

 The Carr  Fire,  which  has  burned  229,651 acres  near  Redding  California  is  considered  88  percent    About 1600 structures have been destroyed by this wildfire  and  no structures  are  currently  threatened.  This  fire  is believed to have  been caused  by  the  mechanical  failure  of  a  vehicle. 

 The Mendocino  Complex  is  made  up  of the  100  percent  contained  River  Fire,  and  the  74  percent  contained 349  thousand-acre  Ranch  Fire,  burning  in  Lake  and  Colusa     Less  than 180  structures  have  been  destroyed,  and  1,050  structures  are  still  threatened.

 The  Ferguson  Fire  burning  near  Yosemite  National  Park  was  fully  contained  last  week  at  96,901  acres….but  is still  burning  within  that  perimeter….so  the  heavy  smoke  in  the  area  is  likely  to  continue. 

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3 Year-Old Recovering 08/20/18A 0820 4 S.S.

A  3  year-old  boy,  who  was  ejected  from  a  truck  in  an  accident  last  week  in  Salinas,   is  recovering  in  an  area  hospital.   The  crash  occurred  south  of  Salinas,  in the intersection  of  Highway  101  and  Spence  Road.   The  incident  is  still  being  investigated. 

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