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More Park Lights Sought in Watsonville 10-17-18 07:40 DC

As days become shorter, youth sports programs sometimes must also shorten their practices. That’s because many parks that teams use lack lighting at night.

Watsonville residents have complained, and the city said their complaints have been heard. What’s lacking, the city says, is about $2-million-dollars in funding necessary to install the lights. The city says it hopes state grants will pay for the lights and planning will soon be underway.

Coaches say the need for indoor practice areas -- used after dark -- becomes even more critical once daylight savings time ends and sunset occurs an hour earlier.


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Salinas Homicides and Attempts Down 10-17-18 06:30 DC

Salinas has seen a large drop in the number of homicides both attempted and carried out over the last three years. Police says that in 2016, reported attempted homicide stood at about 115. 2017 saw about 90 attempts on someone's life. This year, however, Salinas Police say only about 45 homicide attempts have been made.

The number of actual homicides went from 36 in 2016 to about 14 so far this year.

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Santa Cruz First County to Win Beacon Award 10-17-18 05:40 DC

Santa Cruz has become the first county to win a Gold Beacon Award for environmental responsibility and conservation efforts. The award, given by the non-profit Institute for Local Government to recognize voluntary work to improve the environment.

Santa Cruz County has reduced greenhouse emissions by 17 percent and cut its energy usage by 28 percent since 2005, the Institute of Local Government said.

Six California cities have received the Gold Beacon award since 2015. Santa Cruz is the first county to earn the honor.

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Deputy Saves Child 10-17-18 04:35 DC

A Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Deputy saved the life of an infant on Monday. Here's what happened: While on his way to a call in Davenport, Deputy Bob Gidding received a call of an infant girl not breathing just down the road from his location.

Gidding responded to the child and was on-scene in less than a minute. The sheriff’s office says the baby’s family had pulled off the road when they realized the child had stopped breathing.

The deputy quickly assessed the situation and determined the child appeared to be choking. After several back blows were applied, the child coughed-up milk, resumed breathing and regained consciousness. The child is expected to fully recover from the incident. She was taken to the hospital with her mother for observation.

Thankfully, the deputy was only moments from the emergency call or things may have turned out very differently. The deputy’s lifesaving actions are covered in all infant CPR classes.

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