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Salinas HS Could Reopen April 19th 03-05-21 06:45 DC

The Salinas Union High School District said during a board meeting Wednesday that they could reopen classrooms as soon as April 19.

Only 8th and 12th-grade students would return under the discussed plan.

School officials said eighth grade and 12th grade are included because this would be students’ last year at their home school before they promote or graduate.

The school district's ability to reopen is more of a reality after big announcements from Sacramento: The state's legislature sent a $6 billion school funding package to the governor's desk and the state announced it could loosen the criteria for a county to enter the "Red Tier." The change could involve the state requirements for a county to move to the less restrictive tier if they have less than 10 cases per 100,000 people as opposed to seven cases per 100,000 people.

Thursday, the school board discussed the district's COVID-19 prevention program and potential reopening plan Wednesday.

Some parents say they are upset a plan hasn't already been implemented and approved.

"We need action, we need urgency. We need to get these kids in school now," Salinas High School parent Jennifer Ross said." This semester as soon as we hit the red tier these kids need to be in school."


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Newsom to Set Aside Vaccine Doses 03-04-21 17:30 DC

Gov. Gavin Newsom said in Stockton Thursday that a new plan to set aside vaccine doses for people who live in highly impacted communities would battle COVID-19 and also help the state to reopen.

Newsom said California’s plan to set aside 40% of all vaccine doses for people who live in neighborhoods most vulnerable to impacts from the pandemic would "make real progress."

We’re not meeting our goals,” Newsom said of the state's current efforts that partner with 337 community organizations.

The doses will be spread out among 400 ZIP codes with about 8 million people eligible for shots, Dr. Mark Ghaly, the state's health, and human services secretary, said on Wednesday.


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Liquor Licenses Revoked in Gilroy 03-04-21 16:40 DC

Two Alcoholic Beverage Control licenses were revoked in Gilroy on Thursday following a 2020 investigation that uncovered human trafficking and slavery.

The Santa Clara County’s D-A’s office says husband and wife Amarjit and Balwinder Mann, both aged 66, locked a man in their liquor store where he worked 15-hour shifts seven days a week, slept in a storage room, bathed in a mop bucket and was never paid. They were arrested in November of 2020.

Today (on Thursday), ABC revoked the liquor license at M and M Liquor and Gavilan Market, both in Gilroy.

In addition to the labor human trafficking charges, the Mann’s face multiple Penal Code violations, including wage theft, conspiracy, witness intimidation, and failing to maintain workers' compensation insurance. The criminal case involves as many as four victims.

The man who is believed to have been enslaved had come from India in 2019 expecting to travel to the U.S. with the couple. Instead, they took his money and passport and put him to work without pay or a key to leave the liquor store at night, reported the DA's office in November.

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High School Sports to Resume? 03-04-21 16:09 DC

Organizers of "Let Them Play" say they have reached a settlement in a lawsuit they filed against the County of San Diego, the State Department of Health and Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Today’s (Thursday’s) settlement would allow all high school sports to resume statewide, including sports played indoors. All participants will be required to follow protocols that are currently in place for college and professional sports.

KFMB, the CBS affiliate in San Diego County, reports that the settlement also includes assistance for testing, so there will not be out-of-pocket costs.

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Rebuilt Bikes Donated 03-04-21 10:54 S.S.

About  50  rebuilt  bicycles  per  month  are  being donated  to  kids  by  the  Greenfield  Community  Science  Workshop....but  the  process  of  getting  one  of  those  bicycles  might  not  be  as  easy  as  it  sounds.   That’s  because  before  the  kids  can  get  one  of  the  bicycles, they  have  to  learn  something  about  the  tools  necessary  to  keep  a  bicycle  in  good  repair,  and  they  have  to  help  actually  repair  the  bicycle.  Although  the  inside  of  the  Science  Workshop  has  been  closed  since  March  because  of  the pandemic,  restorations  of  bicycles  there  take  place  outside  3  days  a  week....and  that  gives  the  kids  (and  their  families) a chance to  go  there  and  rebuild  a  bicycle.

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